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    Universal Basic Incomeism


    Universal Basic Incomeism is a socioeconomic policy proposal, which proposes that all citizens of a given population would regularly receive a legally stipulated, and equally set financial grant paid by the government without a means test.

    UBI has proponents all across the political spectrum.



    The first historical example of a basic income dates back to the Roman Empire. Emperor Julius Caesar promised each Roman plebeian, depending on which period, from 100 to 300 denarii.

    Modern Era

    See Also: Utopianism

    In more recent times, specifically the Renaissance, an English statesman and philosopher Sr Thomas More advocate a UBI in his book Utopia.

    Another advocate was William dudley Pelley. Pelley spelled out the essence of his ideas in his overview of the ‘Christian Commonwealth’ in No More Hunger. His economic ideas for America were extremely detailed. Pelley claimed that the Commonwealth was beyond the ideas of communism, capitalism, and even fascism. The system was to function as a theocratic, corporate state with centralized production control of government owned industry, anti-urbanism, civil service-style employment protection with private ownership of personal property, an all-encompassing social welfare program. and universal basic income of a thousand dollars anually.

    Contemporary Times

    UBI has recently come back into public spotlight and is being advocated for by multiple politicians and political parties all around the world, examples of which are Andrew Yang in the USA and Bündnis Grundeinkommen in Germany.

    UBI has been tried multiple times in contemporary times, the most notable example of which is probably the Alaska Permanent Fund, however UBI trials were also run by the governments of countries (and their subdivisions) all around the world, examples of which include Finland, Kenya, and the Netherlands.

    Stylistic Notes


    How to Draw

    Flag of Universal Basic Incomeism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill the ball with Cyan
    3. Draw a bag on money with a dollar sign
    4. Draw a equal symbol over the bag
    5. Add eyes


    Color Name HEX RGB
    Venice Blue #136686 19, 102, 134
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255






    • Social Democracy - Other welfare types alongside a UBI? Maybe...
    • Social Georgism - They usually supported me, but what's up with all that jazz about socialism?


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