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    United Patriotsism is the official ideology of the Polandball Wiki user group United Patriots. It is commonly located on the Auth-Left, but some factions are on the Left Unity.


    He is against anarchists and libertarians, since he considers that these are degenerates who want to destroy culture and society. He also hates the fascists, imperialists and any ideology favorable to the interests of the United States, taking a very anti-imperialist stance.

    Despite having somewhat authoritarian ideas, he supports democracy, but he does not fully support free expression, since although he does not oppose people expressing their opinions, he is in favor of censoring some groups that he considers "extremists" (like anarchists, fascists or imperialists).



    • Scarletism - one of my main influences, and also gives me my democratic socialist and populist values. You recently taught us about alter-globalization, which is also based
    • Immorxism - The most chaddest Anti-Zionist in The universe
    • Pan-Asian Tridemism with Socialist Characteristics- He gives us the idea of International Unity against the USA and gives us the most authoritarian leftist values, basically me but more leftist and authoritarian. Yes, the west does not deserve their superpower position after what they did to the non-western nations.
    • Socialist Democracy - pretty much my ideology, even if some of my factions are more authoritarian
    • Democracy - Everybody has different ways on expressing their opinions.
    • Anti-Americanism - Fellow anti-imperialist!
    • Marxism-Leninism - Based ideology. Long live Communism!
    • Titoism - Same as Marxism-Leninism, but better.
    • African Socialism - Sankara, Nyerere, Mandela, etc. are based
    • Walkerism - Fellow anti-Airisuist and leftist. Although utopias are sort-of fictional, I think you can achieve your goal. Go Walkers!!!! LONG LIVE ALAN WALKER AND MUSIC.


    • Democratic Confederalism - Rojava is based, PKK is not, but half of us still prefer Assad.
    • Maoism - A pretty good form of Marxism-Leninism, but in the end, you killed 60 million people. Also, the Cultural Revolution was kinda cringe.
    • Juche - even if you oppose western imperialism, you’re still the modern day equivalent of an Inca god-like cult


    • Anarchism - The worst abomination on Earth.
    • Libertarianism - shut the fuck up about “Muh small government” for once.
    • File:Sjw.PNG SJW - Social Justice is supposed to be a good thing but you motherfuckers ruin it all. I rather live under Khmer Rouge Cambodia than be under you.
    • Antifa - Rioting terrorist scum and is also often friends with the one above
    • Fascism - Totalitarian, genocidal, (usually) imperialist, why shouldn’t we hate you?
    • National Socialism - The worst form of fascism, responsible for WW2 and The Holocaust, and caused death and destruction everywhere.
    • Alt-Right - Literally just neckbeard basement dwellers trying to emulate the two above
    • Zionism - Just because the Nazis treated the Jews poorly doesn’t mean that you get to do the same thing to Arabs
    • Jihadism - Any form of religious extremism or religion in government is bad but you’re the worst of them. Responsible for 9/11, 7/7, and ruining many Muslim nations.
    • Neoliberalism -
    • Neoconservarism -
    • Nixonism -
    • Reaganism -
    • Trumpism
    • Pinochetism -
    • Trotskyism -
    • Pol Potism - Worst form of Communism of all times. Genocidal, anti-intellectual, and literally ruined Cambodia. I hate using this term due to how often wokes use it, but “Red Fascist” is the only way I can describe you.

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