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    Union of PCB Distributists

    | likes = Widespread Ownership 


    The Union of PCB Distributists is a gang founded by

    as a representative body and a hangout for members of the wiki that identify with Distirbutism as one of their ideologies or their main ideology.

    To join, you must:

    • Support widespread property ownership;
    • Support a family-centered and/or co-operative economy;
    • Be against monopolisation.

    This page will be a place for distributists to share ideas, art, and conversations with fellow distributists.







    Classical Distributists

    Social Distributists

    Liberal Market Socialists

    National Distributists

    Traditionalists and Conservatives

    Cultural Syncretics


    Add yourself here!


    02.11.2023 - Heyo y'all. I made a userbox for distributists. The template is Userbox/Distributist. Have fun with it ig. -Goober

    The Distributists' Blog

    Here members of the gang will be able to share their thoughts, essays, memes, etc. All new entries must be collapsible to prevent the page from being disorganised.


    As most of us already know, much of Eastern Europe is underdeveloped and impoverished economically. A lot of the population is poor, to the point of the tracksuit stereotype being based on the fact most aren't able to afford other clothes. The rampant corruption and wars don't make it much better. However, I, as a person that has been experiencing the poor state of my homeland my whole life, can safely say that the ideals of distributism seem like one of the best ways to come out of it. First off, one of the reasons the region is so poor is that the rapid transition from communism to capitalism in the 1990's. Some countries like Poland and Czechia got out better because of higher funding and support from the West. Slovenia got out better due to the Yugoslav economy already being pro-market. The same can't be said about Russia or Ukraine, however. The only reason Russia sort of got out is because of Putin's borderline dirigisme in the economy and the oligarchs painting a picture of prosperity. This was a good decision in a short term, but ended up hurting the country later with the sanctions hitting the country following the invasion of Ukraine. Much of these problems with poverty could be fixed if more people generally had their own businesses that wouldn't be stamped out by the oligarchs and monopolists. Much of Eastern Europe's population is keen on self-reliance and individual independence, which makes the prospect of starting your own career very popular. This is the reason why so many young people move out to the West- to build a good life for themselves by themselves. Another way Distributism could resonate with the average East European is the religious aspect. The region is staunchly religious, especially the older population, and a system that is openly based on Christianity should be popular, only if the general populace knew about it. This is why I think more Eastern Europeans should look into distributism as an economic ideology, and for more Centrist political parties to embrace widespread ownership as one of the main goals.

    Quotes (must be related to the ideology of the gang in some way)

    "Is it by any means justifiable that the radical left, that, mind you, despises the right so much, does the same things as it: building a perfect system for an elite to opress the masses."

    “A free market isn’t one where large corporations are allowed to do whatever they want, consequences be damned. A free market is one that doesn’t give out unfair advantages and is open to everyone.”

    “The motto of Montgomery County, Maryland is ‘Gardez Bien’. A ‘gardez bien ce que faites’ economy, whether capitalist or socialist, will, over time, tend towards distributism.”

    “The motto of Montgomery County, Maryland is ‘Gardez Bien’. A ‘gardez bien ce que faites’ economy, whether capitalist or socialist, will, over time, tend towards distributism.”

    “The motto of Montgomery County, Maryland is ‘Gardez Bien’. A ‘gardez bien ce que faites’ economy, whether capitalist or socialist, will, over time, tend towards distributism.”

    “The motto of Montgomery County, Maryland is ‘Gardez Bien’. A ‘gardez bien ce que faites’ economy, whether capitalist or socialist, will, over time, tend towards distributism.”

    "Widespread property, MSMEs, cooperatives and strong anti-trust laws are the medicine for modern capitalism"

    Relations with other Gangs


    • - Our economics are similar to each other. I like your style.


    • - Economic-wise, you guys aren't all that bad. But where we clash is in terms of government (you guys support a centralized government), culture (nothing wrong with progressivism, the problem is with your hostility towards cultural traditions, especially concerning indigenous cultures), and technology (Too urbanized and technological for our liking).



    Join Requests and comments

    Can I join?

    • You can add yourself at any point if you feel like you support distributism in any form. I will only keep out feds and trolls.
    • Oh, and other thing to note: since there aren't that many distributists on this wiki, I feel like a discord server would be kind of useless. We might make one if this gang explodes in member count.
    • This is just an Aurora X Artel mix isn't it? Also distributists argument about state socialism being the same as the centralisation in capitalism when libertarian socialism exists.
      • I guess in a way you could say that, but what sets us apart from the other Gangs is that Distributism in general leans more into religious social teaching, agrarianism and communitarianism. Even though not every follower is as traditionalist as Chesterton or Belloic, most still hold more Centrist or right-wing cultural views. The argument you brought up in the second sentence does not deny the existence of libertarian socialism, instead it is a horseshoe theory that brings out the hypocrisy of authoritarian socialism and unregulated capitalism saying they are different when in fact they are both near-dystopian, oligarchic systems. Hope this clears up any of your questions.

    Blue Nephalemism - Can I join your party, please?

    • Go ahead!

    Brazilian Liberalism - Add me please, it doesn't seems it but i'm a Distributist. so add me
    Gumballism - Cringe

    • Jokes aside, aren't we all cringe in some regard? Think about it, instead of categorising people between "cringe" and "based" we can call everyone in this world cringe in some way and go on with our days.

    - Can you add me too? I am the pure National Distributism of PCB.

    • How many times do I have to repeat it here? You can feel free to add yourself if you're a distributist. BTW which region should we place you in?

    - So there's a little club for those who like G. K. Chesterton and Distributism in general? Maybe I'll think about going in..

    • Feel free to join if you feel like it. I also hope your Strasserist influence also means you dislike Hitlerist nazism and racial theories like the Strasser brothers did.

    This is ironyScience can i join i love distributism (im progressive libertarian and internationalist but i love distributist) User Khomeinism(Cypherism) Thought - Hello, as a Corporatist, I also support distributive economy, although my economic model is religious corporatism, but distributive is also a religious economy, and religious corporatism supports distributive elements.Can I join your union? And if not, can I join you as a probationary member?

    • Well, at least you aren't a nazi or an outright fascist. You can probably join in as long as it doesn't cause any problems to the other members.
      • User Khomeinism(Cypherism) Thought - Thank you very much, I am not fascism, because fascism is extreme nationalist and I am not an extreme nationalist, I am a religious. I write that I have become a conditional member.
    • - Hello, sorry to bother you, the pages of right distributism and distributive social democracy do not have any symbol or design section, if possible, make a design symbol for them.Distributist Social Democracy Right-Distributism

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