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    Unicorn Nationalism was a ideology that is based on My Little Pony : Friendship Of Magic before even Equestria was made so there is a tribe nation called Unicornia and it was ruled by Unicorn King Bullion who has a daughter called Princess Platinum who has a assistant called Clover the Clever.

    Unicorn Nationalism in the early years have Unicorns needed the food by earth ponies so they can raise the sun along with the moon for day & night and also Unicorn Nationalists wanted the skies to clear with the Pegasus that wanted food by the earth ponies as well but a blizzard by The Windigos have united the three tribes into a country called Equestria.

    Unicorns in modern day Equestria they are the racial upper class of society even in The Crystal Empire but they have focused their life on beauty & magic but also can be a Royalty for a chance just like Prince Blueblood even maybe they can be Alicorns just like Twilight Sparkle who is a student of The School For Gifted Unicorns.

    There are political ideologies that are based on characters from My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic like Shining Armor (Brony Fascism), Chancellor Naysay (Brony Nazism), Flim & Flam (Brony Capitalism), Starlight Glimmer (Starlight Equalism), King Sombra (Bronysoc Monarchism) and many more of them.



    • Absolute Monarchism- I was the best thing that we had and I giving it to the Alicorns.
    • Harmoist Theocracy - We have horns to create a religion that is based on magic.
    • Equestrian Nationalism - Wow it was based on Monarchism and it was our system.
    • Brony Fascism - Please tell me if you can create a political movement for Unicorns.
    • Brony Nazism - This is the man that want us to wear feathered hats for the dead Pegasus.
    • Magicism - Who needs the internet when you cast cool spells.
    • Aristocracy- We are at the top just like Trump even he does not exist in this world.
    • Feudalism- I need Earth Ponies peasants to rub my feet. Did I just say that.
    • Bronyism - Horngasm.



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