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    Ultravisionary Socialism is a fictional ideology from the Hearts of Iron IV mod The New Order:Last Days of Europe, it is an authoritarian left and "technocratic" ideology that seeks to create a socialist society of science, technology and a Soviet Federation between the stars.



    Core to the ideology of Ultravisionary Socialism is the belief in acceleration scientific and social progress, it believes that the state should heavily invest in academic and scientific institutions and have them be heavily tied to the state as to create a scientific revolution and greatly advance humanity's progress when it comes to technology, but also in psychology and sociology as well, often doing any experiments possible to try and achieve futuristic technology to further improve society, social progress is seen as less important but the ideology does view it as necessary to break away from old social norms in order to create a new social behaviour that further permits the creation of an advanced society, in the end wanting to establish a global superculture.


    Going hand in hand in the belief of the global superculture is the idea of creating one unified humanity, the Ultravisionary Socialists view that the Soviet Federation is the ultimate representation of humanity and should thus encompass the whole world and unite all of humanity, and then go on to spread socialism throughout the stars.


    Ultravisionary Socialism rejects the Bukharinist ideas of a decentralized or market economy, instead believing the economy should be totally state owned, with collective farms and total party control over the industry, with the state prioritizing academia and new technologies and working to create more advance tools for factory and agricultural work, and also that the state should heavily focus on creating a strong industry and a very urban society.

    Getting to power

    Ultravisionary Socialism pretends to take power by participating in the liberal democratic process and getting elected to power utilizing left-libertarian and populist rhetoric and then seizing complete control of the state through destroying the democratic institutions and creating a one-party state.


    Ultravisionary Socialism views that the State and the socialist party should be completely interlinked with the head of the party being head of state also, with that leader having absolute control and serving as a vanguard to lead the nation into progress, it is totalitarian, brutally crushing opposition and taking control of every part of its citizens' lives. The party itself would be run by technocrats, specialists and scientists, who would be appointed based entirely on their merit.


    Kardeshivism is a moderate form of Ultravisionary Socialism that abandons the totalitarianism and intense devotion to progress and instead seeks to create a libertarian socialist, technocratic and scientocratic society.

    How to draw:

    Flag of Ultravisionary Socialism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Filled the ball with red (#990000)
    3. Draw the hammer, orbit and star like the flag of the United Soviet Federation
    4. Draw the eyes and you are done

    Flag of the United Soviet Federation




    • Libertarian Socialism - Ally before the unification of Western Russia. Will backstab later
    • Burgundian System - Crazy Nuke-loving Nazi in France. But hey, TNO gang
    • Liberalism - John Glenn for President 1968
    • Bukharinaism - Hey Sis, Remember the focus "Blind the Ultravisionaries"? Not cool.
    • Bolshevism -Hey Dad, as much as you helped inspire me you really didn't see the bigger picture. You didn't look far enough ahead.
    • Space Colonialism- Don't you dare to make capitalist imperialism when I am not around.....


    • Literally everyone else standing in the way of Russian Reunification
    • Human Nationalism / Species Nationalism - It is good to have contingency plans for worst-case scenarios, but get that bigotry, speciesism and Dark Forest thoughts out of you! We are communist aliens, not fascist aliens!
    • Galactic Imperialism - Be gone, Imperialist!
    • Imperiumism - Feudalism has no future in space age, your people will be liberated.
    • Any Capitalist Ideology - Begin the Proletariat Revolution.

    Further Reading

    === TVTropes Komi



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