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    Ultravisionary Socialism

    Ultravisionary Socialism

    Ultravisionary Socialism is an authoritarian left and "technocratic" ideology that seeks to create a socialist society of science, technology and a Soviet Federation between the stars
    Note: This article only include Zhdanov's/Chelomei's Orthodox branch of Ultravisionary Socialism, not Kardashev's libertarian branch

    How to draw:

    Flag of Ultravisionary Socialism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Filled the ball with red (#990000)
    3. Draw the hammer, orbit and star like the flag of the United Soviet Federation
    4. Draw the eyes and you are done

    Flag of the United Soviet Federation




    • Libsoc.png Libertarian Socialism - Ally before the unification of Western Russia. Will backstab later
    • Burgsys.png Burgundian System - Crazy Nuke-loving Nazi in France. But hey, TNO gang
    • Lib.png Liberalism - John Glenn for President 1968
    • Trotskyism-Posadism - Just let go of Trotsky and you're fine.
    • Bukharinism.pngBukharinaism - Hey Sis, Remember the focus "Blind the Ultravisionaries"? Not cool.
    • Bukh.pngBukharinism -Hey Dad, as much as you helped inspire me you really didn't see the bigger picture. You didn't look far enough ahead.
    • SpaceCol.pngSpace Colonialism- Don't you dare to make capitalist imperialism when I am not around.....


    • Literally everyone else standing in the way of Russian Reunification
    • HumanNat.pngHuman Nationalism / SpeciesNat.pngSpecies Nationalism - It is good to have contingency plans for worst-case scenarios, but get that bigotry, speciesism and Dark Forest thoughts out of you! We are communist aliens, not fascist aliens!
    • Galactimp.pngGalactic Imperialism - Be gone, Imperialist!
    • Imperium.pngImperiumism - Feudalism has no future in space age, your people will be liberated.
    • Any Capitalist Ideology - Begin the Proletariat Revolution.

    Further Reading

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    Redditball.png Reddit


    Kardashevite Ultravisionary Socialism

    (WIP) Note: This article only include Kardashev's libertarian branch, along with the post-Midnight Chelyabinsk Institute, not Zhdanov's Orthodox branch

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