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    Ultranihilism is a nihilistic ideology that seeks to deny everything related to religion and spirituality, calling all of these as religious things, ultranihilism also denies quantum mechanics, considering quantum mechanics as a form of religion inside science and only classical mechanics that actually matter, ultranihilism advocates feelings should be replaced by rationality into a level everyone should become a sociopath and sociopathy be normalized. Ultranihilism is considered as the harshest form of Nihilism, and it is really common among neoatheist groups who thinks that even Sam Harris is religious and the only acceptable form of atheism is that one where feelings, spirituality, religion, metaphysics and extraphysics do not exist.

    Ultranihilism is also considered as the "Flat Earth of Nihilism and Atheism" due its quantum mechanics denial and its generalization into the religion concept, ultranihilism is also characterized by the abuse of terms like "pseudoscience" and the worship of "scientific evidences", "scientific method" and "falseability."

    Ultranihilism also advocates psychoindifference and psychoflipfloppering should become normalized and everyone should become psychoindifferent and psychoflifloppering. Ultranihilism also loves to call everything he disagrees with and is against as "degenerate" and as "worthless", mainly related to feelings, spirituality, religion, metaphysics and extraphysics, and where people must become hard atheists/nihilists only focused on matter, and in case people become depressed, they should become totalitarian, it advocates Totalitarianism is a good way to cure depression and all psychic problems someone would have due to harsh materialism.

    Ultranihilism usually advocates Ingsoc, considering IngSoc and totalitarianism as the best forms to guide a full nihilistic society. Ultranihilism also loves File:Debaterismf.png Debaterism, Scoundrelocracy and Narcissism, considering all them essential in a ultranihilistic society.

    Ultranihilism is almost closed to Avaritionism, but due the fact it supports totalitarianism is the answer, it advocates IngSoc as a way to keep people ultranihilistic and kill everything someone might feel and think, except the ultranihilistic leaders.

    Ultranihilism is advocated by Totalitarian Nihilism and Nihilist Ingsoc.

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