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    Stalin did nothing wrong! and shall come again! All Power To The Soviets!

    Ultrafuturist Marxism , also know as Terror-Leninism, is an offshoot of Marxism-Leninism who believes in the utmost importance of revolutionary terror, the idea that an extreme amount of violence is needed to enforce revolution and to solidify the control of the vanguard party. Ultrafuturist Marxism also hates anything associated with the past and liberal democracy, believing that ethics and moralism in leftist movements is something to be avoided and that force alone makes something just.


    Ultrafuturist Marxism is cold-hearted, unempathetic; Whilst carrying out his party duty. His anger towards the Capitalists, and Fascists is fueled by the suffering of the helpless. He often joins Communist, and Socialist Parties, and tries to organize them into aggressive tactics. When not organizing Militias to overthrow capitalism, they enjoy spreading happiness and deep relationships, whilst remembering there overall duty and objectives. He often is seen making fun of liberals, and conservatives, and outwitting them in order to assert dominance as the best ideology.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw the outline of a ball
    2. Fill the ball with dark grey (not black)
    3. Draw a red star with a golden hammer and sickle over it
    4. Draw 2 eyes and fill them in
    5. Draw a brown Red Army hat with a bright red hammer and sickle

    Now you've drawn Ultrafuturist Marxism!



    • Marxism-Leninism - All power to the soviets! Stalin did nothing wrong.
      Fellow Ultra Marxists are the only true friends comrade!


    • Dark Enlightenment - I love the violence and destruction, but jeez this is a liberal revisionist ideology.
    • Futurism - I learned many things from you, but in the end, you must be ground into the dirt like every other rightist.


    • Natonal Socialism - Disgusting fascist. And you dare to call yourself radical? You are nothing. You will be destroyed and your people will be killed and raped, and there will be no one left to remember you.
    • Esoteric Fascism - Bourgeois idealism plus larping teenagers. This is what you get. You believe you are so strong, but when the crisis hits and the masses arise under the leadership of my vanguard, you will be dust blown away into the wind. The future is now, bitch.

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