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    Ultra Anti-Schoolism is an ideology that belives that schools are dictatorships supported by society and should be banned from the world, and just like Anti-Schoolism, he thinks that learning with the internet is way better than going to school.


    Ultra Anti-Schoolism is always making speeches of why schools are dictatorships, but no one listen to them wich only makes him more angry.


    Here is why why Ultra Anti-Schoolism thinks that schools are dictatorships:

    Lack of freedom of speech

    An example of lack of freedom of speech in a school is when you're talking with a friend and the teacher tells you to shut up, wich means that we can't socialize in schools "but you have the lunch time to do that", yeah but the lunch time is like, 20-30 minutes long while classes are like 1 hour long each so you can't do much.

    Lack of freedom itself

    An example of lack of freedom itself on schools is like, everytime you have to go somewhere you have to ask the teachers first, like, even to drink water you have to ask the teacher, WHY, YOU HAVE TO DRINK WATER TO SURVIVE SO WHY YOU HAVE TO ASK THE TEACHER TO DRINK WATER, actually, it's not to drink water but to refill your water bottle, but still, another example of lack of freedom is that you are only free to get out of the school when it's time to get out, unless it's not time wich is around 1:30 PM to 2 PM, you are not allowed to go out, so that means schools are like prisons, and plus, if you get out the principal will tell your parents, so how are OBRIGATED to sit on your seat and watch the whole class, even when you don't like it, wich take us to the next evidence.

    Forcing people to do things against their will

    A good example of this is the fact that you have to wake up early AGAINST YOUR WILL just to go to school, also, you have to make homework AGAINST YOUR WILL, and if you don't, you will recieve bad grades, wich means you will be seen as a bad person by your parents and the society, so, i guess this should be considered ilegal, BUT IT ISN'T!

    How To Draw

    Flag of Ultra Anti-Schoolism
    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw a notebook with a green cover
    3. Draw a prohibited simble over the notebook
    4. Make the eyes and your done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Red 255,0,0 #FF0000
    Green 3,226,10 #03E20A




    • Kakistocracy - You also hate schools, but you should self-educate, this is an alternative to the tyranny of schools.


    • Technocracy and Bill Nye i guess - Shut up nerds, I get as smart as you whatching VSauce, also, YOU ARE SLAVES OF THIS FASCIST SYSTEM CALLED SCHOOLS!
    • School System - Fuck you! Shove your useless "mandatory education" up your ass, I learned more from YouTube and simple research than you ever will!

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