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    Ultra-Francophobia is a genocidal off-compass version of Francophobia that represents the pure hatred of France, French culture, the French Kingdoms and Empires, etc. Not only does it want Brittany to become an independent country free from French rule, it also wants to put all French-speaking countries under a nuclear hellfire with any nuke it can get its hands on as soon as possible.


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    How to Draw

    Flag coming soon...

    • Take normal Franceball and use the older variant of the French flag [1].
    • Draw a dark red (147, 0, 0) no sign over the French flag.
    • Draw a black (20, 20, 20) ermine spot (like the ones on the Breton flag) over the flag and no sign.
    • Draw red (255, 0, 0) (optionally white) eyes and you're done!




    • Lingual Conservatism - I like how you save other languages from Fr*nch, but please don't save the latter, okay?
    •  Metbolism - I like how you make America free of Fr*nch people, but why stop at the United States when the whole French-speaking world should be Anglicized?
    • Pan-Anglicism - You’ve at times helped and murdered the Fr*nch, so I can’t really decide on whether to love or hate you.
    • Patriotism - If he's against the Fr*nch frogeaters, I'm fine!
    • More coming soon...


    • Coming soon...


    • Basically very Fr*nch ideology in existence - IIIIIII HHHAAAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEE YYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENGLAND IS SUPERIOR TO FRANCE!!! #1415NeverForget #1532NeverForgive #1940NeverForget


    Additional Information



    1. More about the older French flag at Wikipedia
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