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    Ultra-Burkinism-version of Burkinism, but all vievs elevated to the absolute.



    After slavs will unified into one nation, any another nation and race on Earth will be assimilated. Both culturally and genetically. We can resettlement slavs on oter continents and use advanced technologies. All languages also must be replaced with new slavic language. It would also be desirable to exclude most non-Slavic words from the language. If possible, even use the best linguists to create a pure Slavic language. Also an important step will be the rewriting of history that we were the greatest, and others went voluntarily or gave up too quickly.


    We will use advanced technologies for make slavs stronger. We will use genetic and climate control technologies for faster assimilation of world. We must reach space and build megastructures for demonstrate our power. We can ever upload minds to matrix so we can conquer even virtual spaces. Despite all technologies most of people will have rural or even primitive lifestyle.


    We need a strict leadership and control on population. Any anti-slavic and separatist sentiment shoul be suppressed. We can use for this a AI system. Propaganda should be as widely disseminated as possible and the feeling of patriotism insert in minds. So that a banner with kolovrat will raises over every house.

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