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    Ultra-Anti-Metrication is an ideology that believes that conventional anti-metrication does not go far enough and that we must reject anything metric. It claims that there should be a non-metric unit for every SI unit that exists (yoctogram, volt, farad). It believes that we must stop using anything "-gram" in medicine and science. It supports bringing back microscopic non-metric units. It also believes the second should be replaced and that we must revert the 1959 act and that we must abolish any and all things metric or SI.

    This would entail replacing the ampere, second, moles, and candelas with units fully independent of SI. It would also mean replacing Kelvin with Rankine in science and using minims in medicine. Mils, twips and points could possibly be used to measure microscopic distances. It believes that non-metric units should be directly attached to physical constants (Cesium-133 rate, speed of light, Planck's constant, elementary charge, Avogadro's constant, the 540 THz number, and Boltzmann's constant) so that they will not have to be defined in terms of metric units. Other even more microscopic units of length and mass would be made to replace, nanometers and nanograms (and lower).

    It may or may not support returning to the quarter-million units used in Europe before the French Revolution.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Fill it in light brown.
    3. Draw arrows that look like this circle.
    4. Make a smaller, horizontally-flipped version of the icon inside of the circle.
    5. Draw a barleycorn in yellow.
    6. Draw the eyes.





    • Every metric unit - I'll make sure none of these are used for all of eternity.
    • Metricism - All those units you came up with shall BURN.
    • Scientocracy - METRIC UNITS REEEEEEE!!
    • Technocracy - Smart people? Bruh. I'm sure using barleycorns for measurement is better than amp*res, if you use them that is.
    • File:Electritocracy.png Electritocracy - You'd be the worst if it weren't for inches being used for plug specifications. BUT YOU USE V*LTS AND AMP*RES REEEEEEEE!!

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