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    Ultra-Anglophobia is a Celtic language-speaking genocidal Offcompass.png off-compass version of Antianglo.png Anglophobia that represents the pure hatred of Cball-England.png England, English people, their language, their culture, and the Anglo-Saxons. Not only does it want to put the British Isles under Celtic rule like it once was, but it also wants to put the Cball-UK.png Angloids under a nuclear hellfire with any nuke it can get its hands on as soon as possible.

    Pearsantachd / Personality

    Ultra-Anglophobia is known for its pure hatred of anything Cball-England.png English and can get really angry when any of that stuff is heard and/or in its vicinity. Due to its deep resentment of the Cball-England.png English language that most ideologies speak, it instead speaks in PanCelt.png Celtic languages such as Cball-Scotland.png Scottish Gaelic, Cball-Ireland.png Irish and Cball-Wales.png Welsh.

    It will also enter a catatonic state when told about May 1st of 1707 (the day the kingdoms of Cball-England.png England and Cball-Scotland.png Scotland united to form the Kingdom of Great Britain) due to its strong anti-English sentiment.

    Ciamar a Tarraing / How to Draw

    Ultra-Anglophobia's flag looks like this: Ultra-Anglophobia flag.png

    • Follow Cball-England.png Englandball's drawing tutorial with the cross colored red (206, 17, 36) and the rest colored white (255, 255, 255)
    • Draw a dark red (147, 0, 0,) no sign over the Cball-England.png English flag.
    • Draw a thick green (51, 202, 0) circle and fill it with light yellow (255, 247, 74)
    • Use the same green you used for the circle to draw a triskelion in the center of the circle.
    • Draw red (optionally white) eyes and you're done!

    Dàimhean / Relationships

    Section Under Construction
    "Polcompball Construction® LLC is hard at work!" - Syndicalism
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    Yes.png Caraidean / Friends

    • 1200ism icon.png 1200ism and 1300ism icon.png 1300ism - B’ e Cogaidhean Saorsa na h-Alba an fheadhainn a b’ fheàrr! Tapadh leibh airson a h-uile faireachdainn agus cuimhneachain an-aghaidh Beurla! (The Scottish Wars of Independence were the best! Thanks for all the anti-English sentiments and memories!)
    • Antianglo.png Anglophobia - Mo phàrant caran meadhanach aig a bheil gràin air na Cball-England.png Sasannaich cuideachd! (My rather mediocre parent who hates the English too!)
    • File:Cornwall-icon.png Cornish Nationalism - Saor a' Chòrn bho na Sasannaich! (Free Cornwall from the English!)
    • Icon.png Gaulish Revivalism - Diùlt an Ròimh (am proto-Beurla), till don Ghaul. (Reject Rome (the proto-English), return to Gaul.)
    • Hib.png Hibernocracy - Rialóidh na Gaeil na ceantair Bhéarla! (The Irish will rule the English areas!)
    • Native.png Indigenism - Gu math brònach cultaran dùthchasach Ceilteach fhaicinn air an sgrios leis na Sasannaich agus na Ròmanaich gun bhlas! (Very sad to see native Celtic cultures destroyed by the tasteless English and Romans!)
    • Irepub.png Irish Republicanism - Saor na Gaeil ó na Sasanaigh! Éire go Brách! (Free the Irish from the English! Ireland forever!)
    • Irish Unitism icon.png Irish Unitism - Caithfidh Éire agus Tuaisceart Éireann a bheith aontaithe mar thír atá saor ó scarúna Shasana! (Ireland and Northern Ireland must be united as a country free from English separatism!)
    • Isolation.png Isolationism - Is e an latha a tha na dùthchannan Ceilteach air an sgaradh bho Ìmpireachd Bhreatainn an latha nuair a bhios sìth cruinne againn mu dheireadh. (The day the Celtic nations are separated from the British Empire is the day we will finally have world peace.)
    • PanCelt.png Pan-Celticism - Buinidh Cball-Ireland.png na h-Eileanan Breatannach Cball-UK.png dha na Ceiltich! (The British Isles belong to the Celts!)
    • Cball-France.png Pan-Francoism, Integral Nationalism.png Integral Nationalism, Bonaparte.png Bonapartism and French Fascism.png French Fascism - Scriú Impireacht na Breataine! Athchóirigh an Fhrainc dá iar-ghlóir! (Screw the British Empire! Restore France to its former glory!)
    • Prestheo.png Presbyterian Theocracy - An creideamh as fheàrr leam uile! Is e an aon rud a tha gràin agam mu do dheidhinn gun do chuidich thu na Cball-England.png Sasannaich gus Cball-UK.png Ìmpireachd Bhreatainn a chruthachadh ann an 1707. (My favorite religion of all! The only thing I hate about you is that you helped the English create the British Empire in 1707.)
    • Cball-Scotland.png Pictish Revivalism - Alba Bheurla a dhiùltadh, tilleadh gu Alba thraidiseanta. (Reject English Scotland, return to traditional Scotland.)
    • React.png Reactionarism Reactcross.png - Ba iad na hamanna roimh Cball-UK.png 1707 an ceann is fearr, go háirithe don domhan Ceilteach! (The times before 1707 were the best, especially for the Celtic world!)
    • Cball-Scotland.png Scottish Nationalism - Saor Alba bho na Sasannaich! Alba gu bràth! (Free Scotland from the English! Scotland forever!)
    • Sep.png Separatism - Sgar na daoine Ceilteach bho na Sasannaich! (Separate the Celtic people from the English!)
    • CBall-Wales.png Welsh Republicanism - Rhyddhewch y Cymry oddi wrth y Saeson ac adfywiwch eu hiaith! (Free the Welsh from the English and revive their language!)

    Meh.png Neodrach / Neutral

    • Modnat.png Patriotism - Ma tha e an aghaidh nan Cball-England.png Sasannach, tha sinn ceart gu leòr! (If he's against the English, we're fine!)
    • Icon.png This alternate timeline about the dissolution of the United Kingdom in 1979 - Is toil leam mar a sgaoileas tu Rìoghachd Aonaichte Bhreatainn agus Èirinn a Tuath, ach carson a tha Alba, Èirinn agus a’ Chuimrigh fhathast nan tràillean Sasannach? (I like how you dissolve the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but why are Scotland, Ireland and Wales still English slaves?)
    • More coming soon...

    No.png Naimhdean / Enemies

    • Tradcon.png Old conservative man with a British accent - Tá ceol Sasanach agus blas na Breataine níos lú ná an mhálaphíobáin agus blas na hÉireann! (English music and a British accent are inferior to bagpipes and an Irish accent!)
    • File:Jabobtite.png Jacobitism - Is toil leam mar a tha thu a’ sabaid an aghaidh Shasainn, ach carson a tha Beurla agad cuideachd? Agus carson a tha thu airson rìgh Sasannach a thoirt air ais don rìgh-chathair? (I like how you fight against England, but why do you speak English too? And why do you want to restore an English king to the throne?) Bha na h-òrain agad uabhasach math ge-tà! (Your songs were really good though!)
    • Ulster icon.png Ulster Nationalism - Conas atá tú fiú Ceilteach más sclábhaí do na Sasanaigh tú? Is fearr liom Éire Aontaithe thar an truflais sin. (How are you even Celtic if you are a slave to the English? I prefer a United Ireland to that garbage.)

    Mega No.png Sasannach / English Cball-England.png

    • 1700ism.png 1700ism - B’ ann ann an 1707 a rinn Sasainn Alba mar thràill! Tha thu gu bunaiteach mar an trom-laighe as miosa a th’ agam air sgàth sin! (It was in 1707 that England enslaved Scotland! You are basically my worst nightmare because of that!)
    • 1800ism.png 1800ism - Deich bliadhna uamhasach eile far an deach Èirinn a ghlacadh le Sasainn! (Another terrible decade where Ireland was captured by England!)
    • Imp.png Anglo-Roman person who ruined our Celtic lands - Rinn an deamhan barbarach seo sgrios air ar cultaran dùthchasach! (This barbaric demon destroyed our native cultures!)
    • CANZUK.png The people that betrayed the Celts long ago, EngLangAcc.png the Engl*sh pleb and PanBrit.png the real-life Satan Satan.png - Seo mar a bhreathnaíonn ifreann! (This is what hell looks like!)
    • Literally every other Cball-England.png English Cball-UK.png ideology - Meal do naidheachd, tha thu dìreach air eachdraidh Cball-UK.png Bhreatainn agus an t-saoghail a mhilleadh! (Congratulations, you have just ruined the history of Britain and the world!)
      • PanBrit.png Pan-Anglicism: Scotland forever? How about Scotland NEVER! HAIL BRITANNIA!
        • Ultra-Anglophobia icon.png Ultra-Anglophobia Ultra-Anglophobia icon with a hat.png: An bhfuil easpa measa agat ar mo Cball-Scotland.png Albain álainn?! Sin mar a oibríonn an gnáth Cball-England.png Sasanach! Cball-Scotland.png Alba gu bràth! (Are you disrespecting my beautiful Scotland?! That's how the average Englishman works! Scotland forever!)

    Pokeball.png Fusions

    Gailearaidh / Gallery

    Fiosrachadh a bharrachd / Additional information

    Teamplaidean / Templates


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