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    Uberglowism is an ideology made by an Uber Driver Uberglow. Uberglowism is the thought that the whole community/region called the lower council should represent the people themselves, and decide how to divide the resources from people working. People will work, they will be given labor notes. These labor notes will give them temporary access to non-essential needs because basic needs will be free until a limit in a system like this. To defend civil rights, the upper council (people chosen by skill, intelligence, and education) will decide how to defend the civil rights of a person that was hurt. A person can hurt the lower council as a part of it. But he doesn't have access to the upper council, so he cant ruin their plans, or murder people from the upper council, because the building of the upper council is defended.

    Uberglowism is also a Socially Minarchist, Culturally Progressive, Economically Radical Leftist, and Environmentally Green.


    Uberglow met a lot of people with different ideologies throughout his journey. The Following balls represent the ideologies of the ppl she met:


    Uberglowism started life as an Authoritarian Mild Left Ideology, but through its journey, saw more fascist leaders being elected in various countries. Because of this and his far-left education from home, he became more radical but still remained a leftist. After learning more about history and revolutions, he realized a pattern. That pattern is: when someone gives himself too much power after a successful political change or revolution. The more power he gives himself, the more oppressive he will be. Uberglow disagreed with people a lot about this topic. It is very controversial especially with authoritarians. If you disagree with this part of this article, don't take it personally.

    Political Change

    Because Uberglowism views this World as a very Kakistocratic world, Uberglow believes that to achieve a true utopian society, humanity first needs to create democratic neighbourhood councils, and to create worker owned cooperatives for education, radio, food, and housing first.

    However, Uberglowism still promotes a structure of organization at the style of Makhno's Army in the case of a revolution, or if protests and strikes begin. He also generally thinks that only if all options of change have been unsuccessful, you can start being revolutionary, but, you still should be non violent. He thinks that to do that, you will need to spread your revolutionary supporters to multiple major cities in the country, then slowly connect them and seize the whole country. He also thinks that to do it in an industrialized society, we need revolutionary worker owned democratic unions, something that he thinks that can implement real Uberglowism, it merges the industrialized revolution approach of anarcho-syndicalism, and applies it to the unindustrialized revolution approach of anarcho-communism.



    Anarcho-Collectivism ― Oh My Favorite! As My Brother, You gave me the idea of most of my ideology! all i can say is thank you! You are truly a good comrade brother.... even tho you weirdly hate jews... anyway, i can just say i really like bakunin!
    Chomskyism ― without you, i wont have been able to discover leftist ideals... and you are also a jew! also i like linguistics and philosophy because of you... lol.
    Anarcho-Communism another good anarchist and very leftist comrade, but gift economy doesnt work you know.... people will just be able to take for example, 690 flights in a year... to add to that, how do you expect culture to grow if work will be voluntary? yes, work can be shortened alot, wages can be better, and other worker conditions general, but seriouly? voluntary work allows the entire city-state to not work... anyway you still have very good ideals, but everyone needs critiques to some level.

    Minarcho-Socialism even better than the other libertarian socialist comrades! the most based ideology ever! you are even minarchist!

    Temujin Leeism well hello, fellow libleft. we overall share a lot of similarities, and i like seeing other intilligent people here. and also, the mere theory looks very based, indeed!


    Anarcho-Mutualism you are very ok and very good, but youre still too individual and too pro-market for my taste, you could have been a better cousin. everyone has his flaws i guess, but i dont understand why you need markets and more individual importance... at least you do not profit too much from the market, and we still both hate capitalism :)

    Ganzism you are anarcho primitivist which i dont really mind. you are also environmentalist and anarchist, so thats cool. over all you seem pretty cool, except for the ethnically homogenous part. i think nations should be a whole mix of peoples and cultures. thats the only way we cant achieve anarchism OR mutualism. anyway you seem to have very good intentions!

    Posadism pretty cool guy, economically leftist, pretty progressive. but we dont have to nuke the world to succeed, a revolution is enough. even tho i can understand that it can seem impossible to achieve something by even a revolution. and yes, i do agree destruction can help, but we should never use it in my opinion. anyway, overall, nice guy, and still a bit authoritarian but he has very good intentions.

    Miškaism You look nice in theory, but you are still very authoritarian and vanguardist in practice, considering you like yugoslavia. it is nice to know you call stalinism totalitarian tho, and that you call dengism fake, because it indeed is fake. overall you look nice just too authoritarian and too nationalistic, but its good that we are both Leftist comrades.

    German.red.patriot Thought Overall, a leftist comrade that wants to abolish evil capitalism and fascism and that actually understands things. im glad that you are a comrade too, also based german culture. just wanna say, maybe dont be so authortiarian? but yea overall you very nice. just very very authoritarian which i very dont like.

    Scorpism a nice comrade, we after all need you. but like above, why are you so authoritarian? there are other solutions you know. but nice anti capitalism, communism and enivronmentalism comrade.

    Mordecaism tbh you surprisingly look nice, but i met alot of libertarian who actually werep relatively progressive and free-thinking. after all, I think both anarchist unity and left unity are good. also, it is true im against a free market, but my ideas softened on it through time so in certain envrinoments, its not that bad anyway, you still arent good, but i do value you, and you do have alot of potential.

    Jefbol Thought Communist comrade who wants to make a better world. Based revolutionary, fuck reform. Long live the people! Fuck the bourgeoisie! I do agree the eastern bloc were bourgeoisie. Your page is also very long and i didnt even finish reading it but you look uber-based.


    Brazilian Liberalism you are interesting indeed, tho you are too soft in terms of progress, especially idiotic as a mix of neoliberalism, well atleast you aint crazy like pure capitalism, tho you still aint good. also nationalism is selfish and patriotic... also based bisexual.



    Jadedism basically People's Republic of China but in USA.


    Esoteric Fascism YOU DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT THE WHOLE EARTH EXCEPT FOR 2 FUCKING PEOPLE, YOU THINK THAT KILLING THE WHOLE PLANET EXCEPT FOR 2 PEOPLE (himmler and hitler) IS GOOD? im not even sure youre so radical but you are still one of the worst ideologies i have seen if not THE worst.... i hope someday everyone who will believe in burgsys may be burned in hell. (jk i dont think people should be murdered even not the worst).

    Danielism you fucking suck. but cool we both have autism. also your fascism is disgusting but ok.



    uberglowism's opinions on different political topics to discuss in the world.

    News and Media

    Uberglowism thinks that the Media Mostly Exists as a Tool to Brainwash us, the Masses. yes it begun as a way to Update people on whats Hapenning outside of a person's Home, in a global Scale. But Government Abuse their Power and Insert "Intentional Bias" into the Media and News. Uberglowism also Believes, that Ads for Different Products, is what sustains Capitalism Alive. it is a kind of "Bourgeoisie Propaganda" or "Capitalist Propaganda".


    Uberglowism is an economically quite communist ideology. she thinks that ,money shouldnt be used at all and that all commodities should be free. but so people wouldnt waste too much resources, or take from others, she suggests a limit for all commodities, a limit of number which a person can have until the commodity is unreusable. thus, with this idea, wage slavery would be eliminiated. unless when the person working gets money for incentive. workers will obtain money depending on quality of product, and they could purchase stuff beyond the number limit with enough of it. but only not too much beyond the limit.

    Climate Change

    uberglowism's climate change opinions might be the most simple at first glance, but they are not really as that. uberglow thinks climate change should be completely eliminated, and the best way to do that is the use of more advanced technology, some of which we already have. she also believes climate change is the first great filter, that humanity exposes itself into. she believes great filters can mostly be caused by technology of the same species that is exposed to the filter. so it can only arrive at high levels of tech. so when climate change will be dealt with, with tech slightly surpassing our tech when climate change began, we could move on and prepare for the next unexpected great filter. but only when climate change will be dealt with; i personally think china will be the best nation to deal with it. it is already ongoing astounding proccesses to eliminate it. i dont like china, but it might be the only hope unless the united states and the rest of the world follow the path of communism or uberglowism.


    Uberglow thinks abortion should be completely a choice until the baby's brain is too advanced. the choice of what counts as advanced is for the revolutionary councils to decide, i am neutral about what counts as advanced; but if the pregnant woman was r*ped or is in some critical mode, she should be able to abort the baby later than regular time.

    Revolutionary Councils

    revolutionary councils will consist of all the people in a specific town, and will basically embody them. they will organize into management branches that for example keep that people wouldnt murder each other. and would ensure that people would be rehabilitated, because prison is ofcourse too harsh if a person didnt commit multiple very hard crimes. but, if a person did commit multiple crimes, or very hard ones, they shall be sent to jail but with relatively good treatment.


    uberglow's and uberglowism's opinions diplomatically, basically uberglow's diplmoatic positions, by the means of what country he supports.

    Syrian Civil War

    Uberglowism's opinions on the syrian civil war are like her opinions on most conflicts, she does not support rojava, because they burned villages down. but she does not support assad either because she thinks assad is too eastern, and free syria army is too western. we basically need a new force to come in and re ignite the conflict. or atleast reform rojava, to be less corrupt and bad.

    Iron Swords War

    uberglow supports palestine more than israel, and for most part, is unsure about ground invasion or ceasefire. because she does not support hamas at any way. but she despises the israeli government or 2023-2024 too. she thinks they are very genocidal and racist. free palestine! but she thinks there needs to be a two state solution with jerusalem having special recognition status. andshe thinks we need a druze country in the Golan Heights too!

    Russian Ukrainian War

    Uberglow thinks, as usual, that is most conflicts both sides are bad; and this is no exception. Ukraine committed alot of bombings of civillians in donetsk, and has alot of fascist and western influences. but russia, being simply fascist, uses the fact that ukraine is quite conservsative to the point of slight fascism to invade it. it especially uses the nazi OUN as a reason to do it. yevgeny prigozhin also tried back in the Wagner Mutiny era, to get to moscow, just because of internal dispuites with vladimir putin, meaning they are both not okay, because its just small internal disputes that caused so much drama, but they overall agreed. and navalny? he was pretty cool. the only horrible part about him and about free russia organization is that they are very racist and ultra nationalistic. which is sad, because if they werent they would be perfect for liberating russia. resi in peace and piss, alexey navalny.

    Reading List

    uberglow's reading list of political and theory books.

    Finished Reading

    Communist Manifesto

    Currently Reading

    Wealth of Nations. uberglow really just cant focus on any book.

    Wanting to Read

    State and Revolution, and Conquest of Bread.


    Neo-Kiraism - what dont u like abt us :(

    • I Have learned more about you furries. and i understand now that you just simply like to be/cosplay as animals. i understand that you just want people to leave you alone. i am sorry for hating you.

    Pantheonism - Hello there.
    PosadasComrade Add me?

    "KiwiTheDiscord has Permission to edit this page." -Uberglow

    "McJeb jeb0212 has Permission to edit this page." - Uberglow

    Just look up for alliance proposal and add yourself!


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