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    UAPism represents the ideology of the former minor Strasser.png Strasserist Cball-Germany.png German political party Independent Worker-Party (German Socialists)
    The party existed from 1962 until 2014 and originally split from Otto Starsser's now-defunct Strasser.png German Social Union.



    The party saw itself as a "Nation.png Nationalist and Soc.png Socialist Workers' Party" and based its program primarily on the brothers Strasser.png Gregor and Otto Strasser; it also saw itself as the only German party in the tradition of Ferdinand Lassalle and Kurt Schumacher.

    The party criticized right-wing parties as "Nazcap-Hat.png National-Capitalist" and saw the German GerSPD.png SPD as a copy of the CDU Party.png CDU; they saw themselves validated in this view with the introduction of the 2002 GerSPD.png HARTZ-concept.

    Independent observers categorized the party as part of the Altr.png 'New Right', which the party itself also acknowledged in it's later years.


    The UAP is generally categorized as a Strasser.png Strasserist party.
    The party presented a 8-point list with demands on their website in 2013, prior to this list there existed a 10-point list as seen on a 2003 election pamphlet.
    The points 4, 5, & 7 vary between the two lists and are thus shown twice.

    This is a direct translation of the complete list as it appears in both these sources:

    1. A new form of economic organisation!
    2. Collectivization of all large private and state-owned business!
    3. Management of firms in the hands of the workers!
    4. Equal distribution of dividends! & Strengthening the middle class!
    5. A unionized form of management! & Protection and conservation of healthy agriculture!
    6. Simpler trade between intermediaries!
    7. Creation of a central insurance bank! & Introduction of a social currency!
    8. The creation of a insurance compensation bank for all companies!
    9. Promotion of the German Family!
    10. Effective protection of the people from criminals!

    The party also advocated for the reduction of bureaucracy and the establishment of Synd.png economic parliaments on all administrative levels as well as the re-introduction of compulsory military service, and Envi.png environmental protection.
    They also called for the complete secularization of the state, complete freedom of religion and speech in their program, as well as the end to nuclear power.
    In line with Strasser.png Strasserist ideology, the UAP also advocated for a unified and neutral Germany as well as the eventual creation of a European Federalism.png European Federation.
    The party intended to reach all it's goals as well as power Dsa.png democratically and peacefully.


    The party was founded on the 21st of January 1962 when it split from Otto Starsser's Strasser.png German Social Union in Essen.

    The early party took a clear stance and distance from the far-right, after seeing this strategy fail however, they decided to try on multiple times to ally with far-right parties in order to receive more votes and a mandate; this only succeeded once from 1975 to 1978, where the party formed an alliance with 3 other right-wing parties yet still failed to gain any mandate.
    Also in line with this strategy, the party tired to split off the left-wing of the National-democratic Party in the 1970, bringing them to join the UAP instead, this too however, failed.
    The party was only able to achieve 108 votes (0%) in the Cball-NRW.png 2010 North Rhine-Westphalia state election, the last ever election it participated in.
    As the older members started to die off the party slowly faded into complete irrelevancy it finally lost it's status as a political party around 2010 and became a 'registered association' until it's official dissolution on the 1st November 2014.
    Ulrich Villmow, the last chairman of the party, is still alive and gave an interview to Parti.png parteienlexikon.de about his work in the party on the 3rd October 2017.


    UAP Zentralbüro ca. 2000
    Image source: parteienlexikon.de

    The party was lead by the "Zentralbüro" (Central bureau), a collective of 6 people, one of which being the chairman of the bureau and party.
    The party had it's own provident fund called "UAP-Unterstützungskasse" (USK) which helped provide for it's members' pension.
    The party started issuing a newspaper called "Ruhr-Arbeiter-Zeitung" (RAZ) in 1961; said newspaper was renamed to the "Reichs-Arbeiter-Zeitung" in 1966.

    The youth organisation "Blaue Adler-Jugend" (Blue Eagle-Youth) was founded on the 10th December 1967; while theoretically independent, it acted as the defacto youth-wing of the party. The Blue Eagle-Youth claimed a membership of 2 400 in 1971, observers however estimated the membership of the organisation below 100. The BAJ issued it's own newspaper named "barricade" until 1971.

    The party was mainly active in Cball-NRW.png North Rhine-Westphalia as it was unable to gain much traction outside of the state; the BAJ however was reportedly active in all of (West) Germany.

    How to Draw

    Flag of UAPism
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Fill it with Pale Blue Lily.
    3. Draw the party symbol in a black circle.
    4. Add the eyes.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Pale Blue Lily #C9EDE8 201, 237, 232
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0

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