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    Typicalfan4 thought is the Self-Insert Ideology of the user typicalfan, He is a Conservative, Libertarian , Democratic, Social Conservative , Economic Liberal, And Nationalist


    I Believe In a Free-Market Economy with Low taxes and a Minimum welfare state and regulations, Of course i am also fiscally Conservative, Believing that Privatization Has many benefits, as Competition Between Enterprises drives inovation and economic prosperity, This will also help in stop spending in useless Public projects, Despite what i said i still believe in welfare programs and regulation programs And Many Benefits For Small Bussiness.

    I do also Oppose central Banks and Keynesian Economy, especially printing money since this policy always Destroy a country's economy snd just leads to an economic crisis.

    Free trade

    Free trade has always been a great method to expand a country Industry and economy, and i am againist a protectionist economy and raising tariffs, This only Obstruct and affect the economy, also increase the shortage of supplies and resources

    Fiscal Policy

    I am Fiscal Conservative, Believer of Privatization And Tax cuts on Wasteful taxes, i consider this a Very Efficient method to Increase the economy and Start a economic Boom

    Welfare And regulation

    Well yes i do support the free Market and low Taxes, it is clear that there should be some little regulation and welfare to take care of the workers this in the long term will benefit both the workers and the rich. I do also believe in a minimun wage for the avarage worker

    Allow Non-Radical Unions

    I do also believe that unions should be part of the economy as a way to workers and bosses to negotiate each other, however, we should no let radical ideas to be part of the unions. After all the only thing that workers want is rights so of course we should attend their demands in order to get more popularity

    The Value of property

    Private property is fully owned by the landowner and of course the goverment should respect that.

    A full exploit of tourism

    Mexico is one of the most visited nations by foreigners and of course we shall take advantage of this, we already found another gold mine that of course we should take advantage of by creating and selling more hotels, and of course showing our great culture and beutiful Nature, in the long term this will benefit the mexican nation a lot.

    A partial Privatization of Pemex

    Pemex basically the public oil company of mexico, has not only being inefficient but in fact has caused more debt to our nation than any good, it is clear that a full privatization it is a bad idea, we should of course let the private hands of the market save this company. The main problem is that the company is not profitable since has registred more loses than any gains, so it would be a hard job to convince the business man about spend the money on this company

    Social Views

    I Believe In a Conservative Nation with an emphasis in traditional And Family values, Christian doctrine, And a patriotic view, Nevetherless i had many Progressive views especially In Drug legalization And Women rights.

    A Pro-Life stand

    I explain why i am againist abortion, in my opinion killing any type of human life no matter what is a crime and never there should be a right to kill a human life despite not being born, of course there are exceptions if the mother's life is in danger.

    A Christian democracy

    I do consider myself a cultural christian well religion should not be in politics. i do believe that the christian values shall be preserved and conserved.


    I do support the Liberty of the lgbt of getting married and i do agree that the LGBT community should be left alone. after all despite being personally traditional and conservative it's none of my bussines what people do on their private life

    Civilian Liberties

    I do agree that the civilian Population can do whatever they want to do with their body, i do support in some extent drug legalization (Especifically Marihuana).

    A community centered society

    It is clear that the community and the family is what makes a society function properly so of course we should avocate for the preservation of the community and family.

    Freedom of speech

    I Believe that freedom of speech should be universal and i oppose any type of control over it, as well we should keep our hands off the media , the media shall be complete independent from the goverment.

    an end to the war on drugs

    The war on drugs has proven to be a failure, so of course the best solution is pretty much the simple one, instead of sending men to die in a pointless war, we need to end to drug illegalization, this will make many of the drug cartels collapse an pretty much make them weaker.


    I Believe in a Pacifist and patriotic point of view, we should seek peace among our neighbours and open for diplomatic relation while also seek for our nation interest

    Migration Policy

    I Believe that migrant should be welcome as long as they come legally, while i do also believe in they assimilating in to our culture

    A Pragmatic Alliance

    Despite Mexico and the Usa had a troubled history, it is clear that they are still our most influential economic ally, and it would be a pretty stupid idea cut ties with them, while i am vocal of isolationism and globally i am pretty neutral, overall i think we should still have cordial relations with the usa including keeping the North-America free trade agreement

    Neutrality doctrine

    However and despite what i said before. Mexico should be neutral in the world and of course focus in our own nation instead of focusing in other ones.

    Expanding our Markets

    Despite what i Mention about maintaining cordial relations with the us it is clear that mexico is too dependent on the us economy, so it would be benefitial if we expand our markets with other nations, and of course keeping our neutrality and playing both sides will benefit us since we would be able to trade and sell our products to other global powers, nations and alliances.

    The Nuclear energy solution

    i am a big supporter of using Nuclear energy to stop global warming, it has been proved that nuclear energy is the most cleanest and efficient of all clean energies. we shall start implementing this energy and will benefit our nation in the future.

    Start a Nuclear program?

    This is of course a more ambitious point, it is clear that if mexico desires to become a global power, we should of course design our own nuclear weapons and bombs, however, i am aware that this might worry the international community, so we shall make it clear that the nuclear weapons we develop are for defensive purpose.

    Protecting our farmers

    However mexico is still pretty much an agrarian nation, so of course we shall respect the work of noble farmers and their lands, and perhaps this will also be benefitial since we can sell our great variety of vegetables, crops and fruits to other nations.


    I Believe in a Democratic federation in which own state has a government, of course that doesn't mean that the central government cant take decision in each state, plus i do believe in a constitution that preserves democracy and the federal and decentralized government.

    Semi-Direct Democracy

    Kinda inspired on the swiss model, many of the policies should be decided by the people on a very local level and free of vote should also be promoted, this will expand the representation of the local communities.

    Lighten the copyright laws

    While i do certainly moderated my views on copyright laws, it is clear that many of the copyright laws are too strict, so we should light these laws.

    A gradual lift on gun ban

    I do believe in gun rightss, however instead of instant lift we should do it gradually when the society already stabilizes

    The Justice system

    I do believe in a rehabilitation program for minor crimes in general, i do oppose death penalty however for horrible crimes such as (Rape, Murder, and other crimes i don't want to mention) would be much better if instead of killing them we should make forced labour would be much benefitial for the society than simply kill them.

    The Corruption Problem

    It is not a secret that mexico is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and i don't deny that would be a painfully job get rid of that somehow, it is clear that the first step that we shall do it's get rid of the useless bureaucracy and the whole political castethat has develop in mexico, while i don't generally like populism in general , i do consider it as a necessary evil if we want to end this problem.

    A friendly approach?

    The EZLN have been always a pain in the ass, however and despite being almost the opposite ideologically, they still have reasonable reasons on why they rebeled aganist the goverment, so why instead of keep the hostility between the mexican goverment and the guerrillas, we kindly approach them to make a deal?, perhaps we should let them have autonomy and respect the indigenous rights, this will appease them and perhaps the people will see our goverment with better eyes, this also will make some of the most radical members of the society calm down.


    He is a pretty calm and chill person also a very religious one, he irl is very introvert and always wants to talk about the whole political and economy shit, however most of my friends and family don't understand me except my dad (I love you dad).

    He is always polite and tries to harm anyone. he is always respectful and tries to talk polite with other people even if they are parto of the other side of the political spectrum However he can Lose control very quickly if he gets angry

    Which figure i remmind you the most?

    You can add below which political figure i do remind you:

    Best and worst parts of my ideology

    You can put below what's the best part and worst part of my ideology (or if there is nothing well you can also say it):



    Mostly Based

    • Austrian School - I do respect and admire the work of Mr.Mises however i think you go a little too far, you are great nonetheless.
    • Civil Libertarianism Overall Great though please be less progressive.


    • Anarcho-Capitalism While i do respect rothbard i think he goes too far
    • Hoppeanism and i though Rothbard was crazy...
    • Libertarian Market Socialism Pretty Interesting you seem quite nice however you are still a socialist.
    • Mutualism Same as above but crazier Proudhon seems interesting though i probably going to read some of his theory later
    • National Conservatism I admire your enthusiasm but you are too radical even for me.
    • Populism A double edge sword...
    • Welfarism look i am not aganist you, however if we abuse too much of your system it leads to economic inefficiency.


    • Nazism I am Adolf Hitler Commander of the Third Reich Little known fact: Also dope on the mic-
    • Mexican Fascism Ya te vi dun

    Very Great

  • Sr Deyvid Thought A very good friend from spain and almost ideologically identical.
  • SomeCrusader's Sandbox A great dude with a very great ideology, a long time since we don't talk but here i am.
  • Pirate Tails Amazing dude and has been a great friend of mine since 2021 even if i wish you were more radical your ideology is still fairly great
  • Good

    • Constantine - You are a very interesting individual, you have great things like laissez-faire capitalism, however you are too reactionary for my taste, however you seem pretty nice. pls chill out with the anti-protestantism
    • Davilandism you are a very great person and individual however you are basically me on steroids.


    • Neo-Optimateism You seem pretty nice, however you are too radical even for my standards, also drop the avaritionism thing




    • Meowxism My Opposite in all aspects lol.
    • Temujin Leeism Avarage ancom however your soulist ideas are really weird. You are not the first soulist i met though

    Close friends





    This section is a little more personal... (Also i hope my family don't find out i talk in this schizophrenic website)

    • Dad ////

    I love you so much dad, even if sometimes we argue, you are the best dad that any son can ask, you also understand all of the political and economy shit i talk so also thanks for that.

    • Mum ///

    I also love you mom, you are an amazing and a caring mother, thanks for helping me in my school, i love you so much.

    • Sister ////

    You are a great older sister, you always defended me when i was little and now i am the one who defends you XD, You are Amazing and i know that you will be a great singer someday.

    • Best friend ///

    I You always been a great dude, and practically we know each other since our life started, you always been a great dude and kinda we've been brothers since a long time, thanks for always being there and of course always been there for you bro Altough you need to seriously stop making tilin jokes

    • That special girl //
    If you for some reason are reading this, i just want to say that i have been feeling special feelings towards you, despite you don't understanding anything about the whole economic and political shit i've talked you, you always listen to me no matter what, you supported me when my anger my anger brought out the worst in me. you are too cute and beutiful and even if i pretend we are just friends i can't contain more the feelings i have for you



    Typicalfan4- Monday Left me Broken...

    - Tuesday, I was through with hopin'...

    sineNonγmus HE IS BACK!
    Typicalfan4- i almost complete my page so if anyone want to be added just reply in the comments
    SomeCrusader1224 - OH LAWD HE COMIN' BACK
    Constantine - Add me?
    Typicalfan4 Done, could you pls add me back?
    Meowxism - add me lol
    Done, add me back pls

    Typicalfan4 done

    Typicalfan4 Done

    Done , could you pls add me back?

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