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    Two Gun Cohenism in a ideology based off of the historical figure Morris "Two Gun" Cohen, a Jewish Canadian/British thinker who was the aide de camp to Sun Yat Sen, and a continued to influence Western/Chinese relationships after his death. He is named for the two revolvers he would carry after he discovered he was ambidextrous.


    Moishe Abraham Cohen was born into a Jewish Polish family in 1887. Just two years latter, his family would move to Canada, and his name was changed to the easier to pronounce Morris. Soon enough Cohen had established himself as a gambler, a cheat, and petty thief, and a two bit con man. He soon befriended several chines ex-patriots, who told him about the ideas of Sun Yat Sen. For his part, Cohen was known to try and help out the chines immigrants whenever he could, viewing the discrimination they faced as similar to the kind of anti-semitism he had experienced.

    His kindness payed off When he returned from world war I, and found little economic opportunists, Cohen found that his ingratiation to Chines Canadians had not gone unnoticed by those back in China. The new republic called on him to try and help close a railroad deal, and so Cohen went. He soon ended up as Sun's bodyguard, and one of his most loyal allies. He would negotiate with western powers on behalf of Sun.

    After Sun died, Cohen continued to be respected in China. He would later go on diplomatic missions to Britain, and was a major reason why the Chinese government was convinced not to vote against the creation of Israel.

    Personality and Behavior

    Like his real life counter part, Two Gun Cohenism is a loud show off, who will distort the truth to make himself look more important. He is prone to several vices, such as gambling, lying, and a complete lack of frugality, but is still genuinely loyal to cause of the Chinese Republic, and will stick up for those who he see's being bullied. He considers himself one of Dr. Sen's closest friends, and admires him greatly.



    • Anti-Racism - I don't like racist bullies, never have.
    • Cosmopolitanism - Been all around the world.
    • Tridemism - I've devoted most of my life to this cause.
    • Zionism - I convinced the Chinese not to oppose you.
    • Maoism - They let me travel freely across the Taiwan boarder.


    • Kleptocracy - I'm trying to distance myself from my con man past.
    • Hedonism - I also want to distance myself from you too.



    1. Cohen had ties to both capitalists and communists. He invested in capital, but also had friends in the PRC government.
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