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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Two-Faced Democracy is an Authoritarian, Democratic and highly Manipulative ideology which saves its people from itself.

    It uses Terrorism on its own people, but doesn't say that it does it. It instead creates fake terrorist-groups which it uses to terrorize its own population. It then stops its own terrorist-groups and through this gains good publicity.

    The ideology also uses a large amount of propaganda to make its people afraid of terrorists. Then, after the "terrorists" have been dealt with it uses the propaganda to make itself look good.

    Through this method it makes sure that it is always ranking high in the polls and creates a Cult of Personality around the President or Party. This also means that the same party wins every election as they always "save" the population from terrorists.

    The terrorists also creates an excuse for the state to expand its power. The people will be willing to give up their freedom as they want protection from the terrorists. This excuse is also used to silence the opposition and the non-aligned media as they might pose a threat to the safety of society.



    • Ingsoc - Hitting your own people with missiles to keep them afraid? Based.
    • Virus Totalitarianism - We need to expand our power to save the people.
    • Covidism - I like this. Make sure to emphasize the deadliness of the virus.
    • George W. Bushism - The patriot act is really based. It would be even better if the conspiracy theory about you doing 9/11 is true.
    • Illiberal Democracy - I am democratic! Look!
    • Cultism - Worship me, mortals.
    • Machiavellianism - I do love me some power.


    • Terrorism - MY WORST ENEMY!!! Hehehe...
    • Authoritarianism - Please embrace democracy. Don't worry, you can still keep your power.
    • Democracy - I love democracy. Yes, I am democratic.
    • High-Tier Hierarchycracy - You making EMBER and pretending to fight EMBER as a terrorist organization is based but authoritarianism is cringe.