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    The Turtle Rock Model is the political model of The Mighty Turtle Rock, which is a gigantic turtle with an entire village situated on top of it. It acts as both a mobile "base" and a new home for the remaining Raposa, and was sent by the Creator to assist them in their struggle (see "Story"). Two Raposa named Mari and Jowee are the official mayors of Turtle Rock. Another Raposa named Pirate Beard also serves as a primary figure to the crew as he drives the ship to other islands. Economically speaking, we know Turtle Rock is not Left Unity because there is a shop that sells stuff to the Hero.


    Prior to life on Turtle Rock, the Raposa lived in a village named Rapoville. Then one faitful day, The evil Wilfre began to drain all the color from Rapoville, forcing the Raposa to flee from their village. The Creator granted them a giant turtle with a new village on top of it that would sail them away from Wilfre's path of destruction. The Raposa assumed the ship was safe because it was sent to them by the Creator. They used the ship to sail to, by the guidance of Heather's pendant, 3 villages known as Watersong, Lavasteam and The Galactic Jungle, and later to sail to Wilfre's Wasteland.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Give it rabbit-like ears and some fluff on its cheeks.
    3. Fill it grey and keep a circular area colored apricot where its face would be.
    4. Add the eyes.
    5. Give it a red bandana and a pirate hat to wear.
    6. Give it a gold piercing in its left ear.

    You're done!

    Further Information

    Drawn to Life Wiki

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