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    File:Tunicism symbol.png
    Symbol of Tunicism

    Tunicism is an extremely traditionalist, nativianist and antiquitist ideology, that advocates everyone should return to use tunics as clothes, and those tunics must be like they were on the ancient times, allowing some modern versions of them as well. Tunicism also expand to the idea that all clothes should return into they were on the ancient times, not just tunics, but also shoes and others as well. Tunicism believes in Traditionalism, Nativianism, Antiquitism and even in Communalism for the left-wing version of the movement itself.

    Modern tunicists also promote anti-atheism and also promote spiritualization of the masses and of the people in order to they gradually return into how it would be into ancient times. But tunicism still advocates progressivism in technology and science, but since they do not affect the tunicist society as well.



    • Nativianism - All ancient culture and countries shall be restored, and clothes and tunics too
    • Antiquitism - We shall bring back ancient tunics and ancient clothes!
    • Traditionalism - We should also be traditionalist about clothes
    • File:Neo-Ancientism.png Neo-Ancientism - Based! But what about the clothes?
    • Paleoegyptianism - Ancient Egypt was really great, based tunics and clothes you were used to use
    • Progressivism - I admire your ideology, but that's nice there are even progressives that actually support me so hard.
    • Communalism - Based economics, looks like ancient economics.
    • File:Anun.png Anunnakism - Anuan/Anunnaki culture is amazing, mainly or being a lot spiritual and esoteric, based clothes you have, they must be really confortable for you
    • File:Anuanism-icon.png Anuanism - You are the same as anunnakism, but you want to restore anunnaki culture on Earth, same based clothes than anunnakism, but a lot more confortable



    • New Atheism - New atheism and its consequences has been disastrous to humanity and to science
    • Capitalism - You made only women use ancient kind of clothes!
    • Neoliberalism - Same as capitalism!

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