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    Tucuteism, named (not conventionally) on how believers of it are often called "tucutes", is broadly defined as the belief that being transgender is NOT contingent upon experiencing persistent gender dysphoria or undergoing medical treatment in transitioning (if transition is undertaken at all). Tucutes believe that if an individual expresses that they are transgender, regardless of the presence of gender dysphoria or wishes to undergo medical transition, said person should always be socially embraced in their stated identity.

    Tucutes argue that transmedicalist thought is inherently harmful, and should be moved on from both socially in the trans community and professionally in the medical community, due in large part to the gatekeeping transmedicalists often promote. This harm, tucutes argue, often comes in the form of trans people being barred from transition care by stringent medical standards, marginalized for not conforming to a binary and traditional gender role of existence, and thrown under the bus by transmedicalists, who they often perceive to be bootlickers of cis society.

    Tucutes also argue that gender is an unnecessary and oppressive social construct, which should be progressed from and eventually abolished. As such, tucutes are fully accepting of people of non-binary as well as xenogender (self-created gender) identities. Tucutes also usually believe in the existence of gender euphoria, a phenomenon of an individual experiencing joy or excitement when thinking about or in some way presenting as one's true gender identity. Tucutes tend to accept gender euphoria as a valid and important trans experience, with often just as much importance as gender dysphoria.

    Critics of tucutes tend to argue that erasing any standard for transness can allow crossdressers and sexual fetishists to pass off as trans (from "gender euphoria"), undo previously built medical understanding of gender dysphoria and therefore make transness and transition seem like a choice, allow non-dysphoric people to hoard scarce vital resources of transition care and dominate trans community spaces at the expense of dysphoric transitioning people looking for transition resources and community, and ruin the image of the trans community with how radical and socially unacceptable the post-gender rhetoric can be.

    The idea of the medicalization of trans identity is mostly backed by professional medical organizations and papers, including WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) and the DSM-V. While tucutes usually appreciate the existence of medical transition care, they are also keen on reforming guidelines of care to be more inclusive to trans experiences that do not fit a monolith of binary gender identity and persistent gender dysphoria.

    Tucutes tend to lean to the left politically, but not exclusively so.


    Tucuteism is an ideology ball of any gender, who is passionate, highly individualistic, and keen on validating everyone's unique experiences. They are often seen hanging out with other trans balls, especially Gender Accelerationism and Xenogenderism, or bickering with Transmedicalism.




    • Scientocracy - Thank you for the medical transition care, but I don't like the strictness of your standards!
    • Transhet Feminism - What do you mean I don't care about straight trans people enough? To be fair, I almost forgot straight trans people existed.
    • Communitarianism - We need to stick together as a community! But we are also all unique individuals, and we shouldn't forget that!
    • Sexocracy - I appreciate the progressive attitude on sex, but please stop fetishizing trans people...


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