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    Tsatsarism, also known as Bayarmaaism is an authoritarian, economically right, culturally centrist ideology. He advocates for the creation of a planetary superstate as well as spreading "Judaic enlightenment" to the people of the Earth, which means creating a law promoting mandatory conversion to Judaism by all infants before their birth, although his form of Judaism promotes the consumption of pork.

    He vehemently despises Muslims, the handicapped (including schizophrenics, Autists, mentally retarded) and Black "people". He wants all pure Jews, including those converted before the creation of a Tsatsar regime to rule the world and enslave all the fittest people and slaughter the weaker people including children. He wants a future where everyone is Jewish, no matter if ethnically Jew or born as a converted Jew.

    He also wants to create a single enterprise which controls all of society, also known as a Matrocrate, which will sell to and buy from the people goods, slaves, food and luxuries.


    Zio.png A Jewish World Order Internat.png

    Tsatsarism believes in the creation of a world state in which all unborn babies are converted to its own version Judaism, a form in which God can be represented through a statue, in which sins such as lust and greed but not gluttony are acceptable if not even promoted, in which polygamy and "criminal" acts are not a problem and eating pork is not sinful. Those who are not converted before birth or are not Jewish since birth must be slaughtered as they are considered as impure people destined for sacrifice. Other criterias for spiritual purity include being mentally and physically able (mental illnesses, even the "mildest" makes you impure), being White, Jewish or Asian, being rich enough to pay to become Jewish. Being homosexual is acceptable but not transgender.

    Internat.png Global-Matrocracy Cultcenter.png

    Another of Tsatsarism's beliefs is the creation of a global state in which one single, extremely large enterprise controls all of society, including governments and the supervision of the people's mind to detect harmful beliefs and thoughts and to remove memories of the people eliminated by the Matrocrate. While traditions such as Jewish rituals and banning the sin of Gluttony are enforced by the state, the rest of traditional values such as the concept of sinfulness, rejection of privilege, family, charity and selflessness are not mandatory anymore and are even discouraged through the medias. He believes in Egoistical values such as self-gratification and fight for one's own life. Things such as miscegenation are fully illegal due to it having the potential to "ruin human beauty", race war is penalized but not war between ethnicities, the concept of race is merely a simple classification rather than a quotient of judgment but ethnicity is necessary to protect.


    Gender roles are completely abolished and children and adults have the same duties, thus bringing complete equality between the people. Those too poor to afford live are instead of provided welfare, are enslaved, an Utopian society needs slaves if some people are too lazy, too weak or too busy to work. Also, nature is considered as an unnecessary evil and must be polluted through every mean possible if not even destroyed, same goes for animals and their cruelty toward human children as well as promoting extreme industrialism, for the progress of the human race.

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