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    Tsaritsa Theocracy is an Authoritarian Right, totalitarian, cultist ideology that inhabits and rules Snezhnaya as well as the ideology of the Fatui. Tsaritsa Theocracy is sometimes known as Fatui Theocracy due to Fatui being the foreign face of Snezhnaya. Tsaritsa Theocracy is hated by many due to plotting and playing with politics of every nation for her own gain.


    Tsaritsa Theocracy believes in extreme devotion to Tsaritsa and her ideals. The Tsaritsa has total control over Snezhnaya and everyone shall be devoted to her both as ruler and as a god. Anyone who goes against the Tsaritsa in any way and her will will be "burned away". Tsaritsa Theocracy believes that the Old World is corrupted and to create a New World where the Tsaritsa rules by overthrowing all the other gods, especailly those in Celestia. After the gods are overthrown, the Old World will burn away into ashes and the New World will be created for the Tsaritsa's will. Tsaritsa Theocracy also believes going beyond the borders to spread their influence and uses diplomatic and political plotting in other nations to do the Tsaritsa's bidding thru the military, business, and diplomatic organization known as the Fatui.

    The Fatui

    The Fatui are a military, diplomatic, and business organization of Snezhnaya directly loyal to the Tsaritsa. The Fatui are there to project their influence of the Tsaritsa into other countries through any means necessary. Fatui are neo-imperialists often wanting to plot and make deals with leaders and place corrupt puppets in order to gain a foothold in another countries institution and even start whole wars between two different groups of people just for their interests. The Fatui are lead by Eleven Harbingers who are the highest ranking officials in the Fatui and are ranked based on how strong they are with the first being the strongest and the eleventh being the weakest. Aside the Harbingers, there's also the military division which helps defend and promote the Tsaritsa's influence, the economic division that works closely with Snezhnayan merchants and the Northland Bank, and the diplomatic division that helps with diplomatic relations with other countries.


    Tsaritsa Theocracy at home is very cold and cunning and won't hesitate to destroy anyone who goes against the Tsaritsa's will. Tsaritsa Theocracy is very totalitarian at home and has literally full control over their nation and literally has a cult like following at home. Outside of Snezhnaya, Tsaritsa Theocracy often appears as a friendly diplomat or businessman who does business and wants peace with the other nation. In reality, Tsaritsa Theocracy after gaining the trust of the victim, Tsaritsa Theocracy will try to infiltrate their system thru plots and diplomatic means in order to gain total control of the victim and turn them into one of their pawns.

    She also believes the sky is fake for some reason.



    • Cultism - Everyone's mind and soul and body must be fully serving the will of Tsaritsa and plans to burn the Old World.
    • Totalitarianism - All shall submit to the full will of the Tsaritsa or perish like the Old World!
    • Autocracy - ALL HAIL THE TSARITSA!!!
    • Tsarism - My weaker version in real life who's a little too tame and isn't as powerful as I am.
    • Absolute Monarchism - The Tsaritsa shall have absolute control over Snezhnaya and the New World.
    • Anti-Celestism - In the name of Her Majesty, the Tsaritsa, we shall seize authority from the gods!
    • Neoconservatism - You cause infighting in a country and aid different groups of people to eventually aid your cause. That's extremely based because that's what I did in Inazuma! Just drop that "freedom and democracy" slogan and you'll be perfect! Nathan actually did the same thing though.
    • Neoliberalism - Basically Neoconservatism but he uses economy to try to control other countries, that's what I do in the Northland bank, extremely based!
    • CIA - Me in real life but shhhhh!
    • Neo-Imperialism - Literally what I do!
    • Kleptocracy - Good pawn who does my bidding.
    • Kakistocracy - You guys make it so easy. The name Fatui also means fools.
    • Scientocracy - Il Dottore is especially good at science and science will help us achieve the Tsaritsa desires AND WE WILL MURDER ANYONE FOR THE PROMISE OF INNOVATION!!!
    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - A lot of my harbingers were taught in Sumeru Akademiya and the Akademiya sages works for me.
    • Farrokhzadism - Best of the Eremites
    • Financialism - People say the Northland Bank's true currencies are blood and tears.
    • Dottoreism - He was an expelled scholar so I took him in and I love his ideas of enhancing humans to be the same as the gods themselves though you sometimes scare me as well.
    • Industrialism - Snezhnaya industry best in Teyvat!
    • Universal Monarchism - All of Teyvat shall submit to the will of the Tsaritsa!
    • Internationalism - Good tool for PR so other nations will be more lenient in cooperating with the Fatui. Then I can infiltrate them afterwards. Also my harbingers come from all corners of Teyvat!
    • Gnostic Theocracy - We both collect love collecting gnoses!
    • Cocoliaism - Practically me from Honkai Star Rail, it was sad to see you defeated by the Trailblazers.


    • Stratocracy - The Fatui help me in foreign missions but screw the Knights of Favonius and the Abyss Order!
    • Combatocracy - Most of you are cringe and you killed Rosalyne and you end up preventing me from infiltrating you diplomatically but at least Tartaglia is based and the harbingers are ranked based on strength.
    • Imperialism - I love controlling other nations but I like to do it through more subtle means like plotting and using pawns instead of having to fight a direct war.
    • Morax Theocracy - At least you gave me your gnosis through a contract.
    • Schubertism - He calls me thief and criminal but at least he is useful. Actually we probably should've never allied with some foolish aristocrats.
    • Sangonomiya Kokomi Thought - You were a great pawn but then you found out my plot and disowned me afterwards.
    • Fourth Theory - A new global world order is very based! Though you are too soft and only limit yourself to Eurasia and you are also too aggressive. It's way more fun to use pawns and secretly plot things to fulfill my new world than to fight a direct war. Also socialism and welfarism is cringe.
    • Scaramouche Theocracy - You might have deserted us in Inazuma but you became a useful pawn in my experiment in Sumeru with creating a new god.
    • Fontaine Kritarchy - You sentenced Tartaglia to the Fortress of Meropide but we worked together afterwards to save people and advert the prophecy.
    • Khaenri'ahism - Sorry for destroying you, I will make up for it by destroying Celestia instead MWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Also Pierro is the First of the Fatui Harbingers.
    • Machiavellianism - Yes we need to use any means necessary to achieve our goals but remember never to stray away from the path of the New World!
    • Flat Earthism - The sky is fake!


    • Favoniusism - Hates me and hard to infiltrate, you even destroyed my plot to bring back the aristocracy to Mondstadt.
    • Liyue Model - Most of you hate me and even my pawn betrayed me FUCK YOU! but at least you allow Morax to give me his gnosis willingly and opened the Northland Bank.
    • Barbatos Theocracy - Haha stupid weak god got his gnosis stolen.
    • Ei's Eternity - YOU KILLED ROSALYNE, YOU WILL PAY! At least you hate Celestia and the Kujou and Hiiragi Clans were easy to manipulate.
    • Dilucism - Sorry not sorry for your Crepus' death.
    • Archoncracy - Soon I will overthrow you and rule the Teyvat Overton Window.
    • Celestia Theocracy - We will overthrow the gods of the Old World and create a New World.
    • Populism - You guys are NOTHING! NOW BOW TO THE TSARITSA!!!
    • Socialism - The Tsaritsa is the only god, all of you are just mere ashes.
    • Anti-Imperialism - Weak and pathetic, you should soon realize this whole world needs to burn away in the creation of a New World you Celestia puppet!
    • Anti-Fatuiism - OK you are the literal definition of cringe!
    • Nazism - Stop calling me a Snezhnayan (((banker)))!
    • Abyss Orderism - I made the Fatui in order to oppose you as well!
    • 4x Thought - You think we need no rulers or money? You oppose the Fatui? You hate Signora and Tsaritsa? You allow looting if someone "needs" to? You want to redistribute the wealth of the society (other people's property)? What kind of insanity is this! Your little anarchy will perish against the Tsaritsa just like the Old World!

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