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    Trumpist Theocracy is just a culturally right, economically right, religious, and authoritarian ideology. This ideology teaches that former U.S. President Donald Trump is a prophet, and that his every whim needs to be followed without question. It also advocates for the closure of left-leaning social media platforms (especially Twitter) as retribution for banning Trump's accounts or making fun of him. Their holy texts include Donald Trump: The Art of the Deal and all of the former president's tweets.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Trumpist Theocracy
    1. Draw two eyes.
    2. Fill in everything around the eyes black.
    3. Draw an orange square in the top left corner of the ball.
    4. Draw a black Latin Cross in the middle of the square.
    5. Draw a bishop's miter with "MAGA" written on it on top of the ball.


    His personality is a mix between Trumpism and Christian Theocracy. The former contributes to how he hangs on Trump's every word and the latter in terms of his speech and general disposition.



    • Trumpism - Hosanna! Our god hath cometh!
    • Conservatism- Basedeth and thine pills are red.
    • Right-Wing Populism - Thou wert righteth about the Kung Flu.
    • Zionism- Mine savior said thou capital is Jerusalem, and by Trump in Jerusalem thine capital shall be!
    • Police Statism - Yes! Backeth thine boys in blue (wait, what thouest mean I'm fined for not wearing a mask?)!
    • Falun Gong Theocracy - We are in full communion.


    • Christian Theocracy- Thine culture is redpilled, but why must thou insist on worshiping the Jew on a stick? Regardless, I thanketh thee for letting me stealeth thine aesthetics! :D
    • LGBT Conservatism - Thou art fine, but why must thou insisteth on having the trans people in sports and the military?
    • Imperiumism - I hath mine own God-Emperor, thank you.


    • Third Way- Cry all thou wanteth, but thou still losteth the 2016 election, Crooked Hillary!
    • Bidenism- May Trump smiteth thee, Sleepy Joe!
    • Obamaism - Show me thine birth certificate!
    • Osama bin Laden Thought - Wait, where is a difference between thou and the wretch above?
    • Illegalism- Thou shalt crosseth the border no more!
    • Islamic Theocracy- Thou art a brute and thine pills are black!
    • Transgenderism- No, thou art not a real woman.

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