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    Trogunism is the ideology of the Trogs, a Roblox group that has existed for 7 years however is dying out. It's hard to pinpoint on the compass, because it's all over the place, with no real direction or even unifying trend, making it a Non-Quadrant ideology. Trogunism is well-known for being contradictory, as it believes in total equality but also believes in Absolute Monarchism and Feudalism. It also doesn't believe in total equality, favoring asexual and homosexual relationships rather than straight relationships, because they killed all the women. While it may seem like radicalized Anarcho-Monarchism, it also has many theocratic elements, enforcing the religion of Ascensur on everyone. Furthermore, they (somewhat) believe in Kraterocracy, believing the strongest (the Trogs) should rule the weak (literally every other race). Not only that, but it believes in Luddism, rejecting technological advancement in exchange for absolute equal women-hating lizard gay monarchy.


    Trogunist history directly co-ordinates to Trog history itself which is long and convoluted.


    His personality is very... strange. He will be constantly screaming, speaking a language called Troggish which you can't understand. He is very hyperactive and will just be screaming in your face all the time. Nobody wants to be friends with him for obvious reasons. They are also super paranoid, with them believing anything, anywhere could be a guy called "Calbus", and they're right to be scared, because their leader WAS Calbus.



    • Ismism - The only one who understands me.



    Trogunism was the core belief of Trogylbesh, a Roblox group that existed for quite some time. Under the rule of the Trogunist Party (which basically didn't exist), Trogylbesh prospered but then Trogyl (the leader) left and then rejoined and then left again, sending the group into a period of chaos where they fractured, then re-unified, then fractured again, then unified again, then fractured.

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