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    Triequism also known as the Three Principles of Equality is a variant of Tridemism adapted for Korea by The Korean Independence Movement. This ideology was theorized by Jo So-Ang during his study in Japan and work in the Provisional Government of Korea. Similar to Tridemism, it is based on Three Principles which are: Equality between Individuals, between Ethnicities, and between Nations.


    The Three Principles of Equality

    Just like Sun-Yat Sen's Three Principles of the People, Jo So-Ang was inspired by Sun Yat-Sen and theorized about The Three Principles of Equality which are:

    • Equality between Individuals
    • Equality between Ethnicities
    • Equality between Nations

    Implementation and Goals

    Triequism's purpose is to achieve + Social Democracy in Korea through a Parliamentary & Democratic System. Triequism would be accomplished through peaceful diplomacy between other nations along with the assimilation of lands, production of state institutions, and a free, mandated education system for all Koreans paid for by the Social Democratic system.

    Jo So-Ang

    Jo So-ang was a Social Democrat that worked for the Provisional Government of Korea during the occupation of Korea by The Empire Japan. Jo So-ang advocated for a Korean state, soveriegn from Japan. Jo So-ang attended a Communist Party meeting in Moscow which later made Jo So-ang critical of Marxism-Leninism. After Korean Independence was achieved and Korea was split, Jo attempted to get the North to cooperate with the South but eventually abandoned relations and worked fully with the Southern Republic of Korea.

    Rhee Syngman

    Main Article: Ilminism

    The First President of The Republic of Korea, Rhee Syngman was influenced by the ideas of Triequism, which shaped the ideology of Ilminism. Ilminism advocated for eliminating discrimination between the Nobility and Peasantry along with many other social inequities. Rhee Syngman had a significantly more radical nationalist disposition, believing Korean people are spiritually, genetically, ethnically and culturally homogeneous for 5000 years. Syngman Rhee was also a staunch Authoritarian and favored a united Korean state through a one-party system.



    • Anti-Communism - I became critical of Communism after that meeting with the Communist Party in Moscow. Those mfs are awfully sus.
    • Anti-Imperialism - All imperialists must stay away from Korea.
    • Chiang-Kai-Shek thought - Great anti-imperialist ally who gave me shelter to spread my revolution in the Korean Peninsula. A great shame to learn that you were relegated to just a tiny island.
    • Ethnonationalism - The Korean people need our own homeland.
    • Nationalism - For Korean Independence! MANSE!!!
    • Parliamentarianism - The best system to achieve my ideals.
    • Pacifism - To achieve peace and equality between Nations. Cheers!
    • Social Democracy - The end goal of Triequism is Social Democracy!
    • Tridemism - I was greatly inspired by the Chinese liberation and ideas of Sun Yat-Sen. I will never forget how you helped Korea.


    • Ilminism - My Southern son who's a little too radicalized to the right. And also, you could have been a little less harsh on the Commies, like jeez man.
    • Internationalism - The best way to achieve peace between Nations. Just don't start undermining my sovereignty though.
    • Juche - My Northern son who's a little too radicalized to the left. And by the way, not everyone who worked for the Japanese Imperial government was a traitor. You didn't need to kill all of them!
    • Separatism - Korea shall separate from the Japanese Empire! But Korea should be united, no North or South.



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