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    Tridynamism, or Three National Forces is authoritarian, economically left-wing to far-left and culturally variable, although often progressive ideology. He advocates for workers' state, vanguardism and revolutionary society with communism.


    First Years of Chunguai (1954-1957)

    On April 10, 1954 in Mercia was happened social revolution under Xi Yosheng and Hua Kuan. They declared about unification of Mercia, Seleuqia, Bulgaria and Severia into sovereign socialistic state under name of 'Chunguai'.

    During 1954 in Chunguai was extremal instability. Xi Yosheng initially supported fascist ideology, so it led to confrontation between fascists and social democrats. It was issue that Xi Yosheng was overthrown by Bao Yosheng. Anyways Bao wasn't real socialist then and founded Conservative Party in 1956. So Xi Yosheng endly returned to power. Meanwhile Hua Kuan was general propogandist of communist ideas. He advocated for internationalism, vanguard and marxist class theory. Hua Kuan became main ideologist and builder of chunguian state.

    Hua Kuan became central figure in government and councilor of president in second half of 1954. He started planned economy, autarkisation and isolation of Chunguai. He declared new state Socialisr Workers' Confederation (SWR). Hua was going to write constitution of country.

    To keep stability and security in Chunguai, Hua Kuan created Governmental Council (GOCO). Members of GOCO became Hua himself, Xi Yosheng and Severus Rufus. GOCO started cultural revolution and propoganda of atheism. Also was started mass expansion of women's rights. Even if Hua was against, in Chunguai was introduced multi-party system. Hua Kuan was advocating for one-party system, but he said, they can introduce people's democracy as potential political system.

    In start of 1956 Hua Kuan declared about starting of Chunguian Irredentism, so he started occupation of some regions of North Cosmogony, Chunguai fully occupied Khemetia, Ascania, Fathen and modern Dalmakia. Hua Kuan said, Chunguai should do referendums on these territories[1].

    In 1956 Xi Yosheng ended with fascist ideology and fully supported ideology of marxism. He declared about recreation of Fascist Party into All Borders Are Clear (ABAC).

    On February 16, 1957 in Chunguai was made first presidential election. Hua Kuan won on this election and became fourth president of Chunguai. He declared about building of marxism–leninism as a new form of communism and synthesis of marxist theory and theory of Lenin.

    Rebellion in Sazonovsk (1960)

    In start of 1960 anarchist rebels declared communist regime in Chunguai bourgeoise and capitalist. They thought, real communism will be anti-statist.

    Rebels were coordinating in Sazonovsk, the north of Chunguai. They started armed insurrection, and in town was started the street fightings. Hua Kuan declared about entry of troops into Sazonovsk. Tanks entered in town and started shooting of anarchists.

    Rebellion was lasting during three months from February to May 1960. Chunguian Armed Forces successfully completed goal. Anarchists capitulated on May 22, 1960.

    Coldish Reaction (1960-1962)

    In November 1960 reactionary forces started an attempt to overthrow government of Chunguai and recreat Mercian Empire. They started mass killings in the territory of Chunguai. On November 16 Dwight Baling was killed by reactionaries. He was hanged, death occurred within 20 minutes. After this his body was disfigured.

    Hua Kuan introduced martial law and started active fightings against reactionaries. One of the most powerful radical right groups of Coldish Reaction was White Ribbon. White Ribbon staged terrorist attacks on civilians, infrastructure and political institutions. This organisation was predecessor of ALA Group.

    White Ribbon was defeated in December 1962. Then Coldish War was ended, and in Chunguai was begun the peace times.

    World War One (1968)

    The situation before World War One was relatively peaceful, except some territorial disputes between Sessilia and Chunguai. Two months ago Xi Yosheng and Ero Vantheira had signed the peace threat and cooperation and trade agreement. There was no unusual at first sight. But one of the conditions of the agreement was a permission to place the armed forces of Chunguai in Fathen. Husbulluh Nusrulluh took it as an aggression in side of Sessilia, so he declared the war on Chunguai and Fathen.

    Meanwhile Stanislas Keimphor, who was a third president of Bedenia, resigned and gave the post to Antonio Bombardo. New bedenian president sympathized with Nusrulluh, so he joined the war.

    Post-WW1 Restoration (1968-1969)

    Sessilian-Chunguian War (1969)

    Earlier McKinger premiership (1970)

    Borisista dictatorship (1970-1971)

    On December 4 Boris de Nicolay get the power by coup. Wang Shanpan and Xi Yosheng hastily left the country. De Nicolay declared about new policy: cultural issues should become solved by social conservatism, and economic issues by market socialism.

    De Nicolay used to be democrat early on, but became totalitarian dictator. He killed over 5,000 people for months. De Nicolay tried to destroy Communism in Chunguai and restore Mersian Empire.

    Famous victims of borisita regime were Vikont Mikhaylov and Robert McKinger. They were not dead but imprisoned. Those two get the rehabilitation after falling of Boris de Nicolay.

    Despite his totalitarian spectre of ideology, De Nicolay was supporting public welfare state and very limited form of democracy. Basic line of his policies was One-Party System.

    Socialism of De Nicolay was very specific, he made the synthesis of Traditionalism and Socialism. This theory was not novelty for his times, but still was very rare. It makes Boris de Nicolay relatively unical dictator.

    Officially De Nicolay didn't reject Internationalism but secretly hated this ideology. He actually was cultural nationalist or even ultranationalist. He even started limited mersification. But some sources telling De Nicolay led intercultural policy.

    Foreign policy during borisista regime was isolationist and non-interventionist. Boris de Nicolay hated foreign interventions and Imperialism, so he wanted to preserve Chunguai from imperialist trends. Anyways De Nicolay was trying to improve armed forces of Chunguai.

    Borisista dictatorship get overthrown on April 28, 1971. After falling De Nicolay was executed by shooting. Populist tactics of Boris de Nicolay harmed himself.

    Vantheirist War and The Great Crisis (1971-1972)

    Gold Era (1973)

    Gold Era is a specific name for historical period from later 1972 to early 1974. Basically Gold Era is full 1973 year. Basic characteristics of this period are modernisation and changing of culture, improvement of science and the last period of relatively peaceful time before World War Two.

    Symbolic leader of Chunguai during Gold Era was Xi Duodang. He was elected president on June 25, 1973. The main characteristics of his policy were New Culture programme and improvement of helathcare and education. Xi Duodang also was trying to eradicate corruption and cronyism. Sadly but he became a puppet of Hua Kuan later on.

    During Gold Era such regions as Fathen, Cornelia, Coljoz, Centralia, Dalmakia and Hourane got separated out Chunguai. Xi Yosheng, who was president until June 25, tried to get back at the least Dalmakia. League of Nations saved other separated regions from war. In Fathen became Nazi totalitarian police state. Something same was happened in Dalmakia, but it was Fascist authoritarian dictatorship. Other nations became democratic.

    During Duodang presidency was happened very important conflict: Nusrulluh Scandal. Husbulluh Nusrulluh embraced a lot of capitalist elements since 1971. In early 1972 chunguian government allowed him to get some oil deposits. It had led to Nusrulluh Scandal, when he was forced to give back every oil deposit he got.

    In other world the important event was Nondian War. After civil conflict in this country, peninsula of Nondia got divided by League of Nations Secretariat. The North became communist and the South capitalist respectively. Chunguian government officially supported Parl Guon-Seg but some politicians was symphatizing to Yee Lu-Moong.

    Gold Era was ended on March 17, 1973 when Nazi Fathen started the attacks on Chunguai.

    World War Two (1974)

    On March 17 Nazi Fathen started ground operation against Chunguai. In parallel with Fathen, Dalmakia was leading operations against Khorisia and Sessilia.

    On March 20 Oliver Garco, president of McKomben, declared war to fascist powers, and McKomben became one of the most active states during World War Two.

    The Battle of Fangmas was started on March 21. The city was fastly occupied by nazi armed forces, army of Chunguai was forced to retreat.

    Nazi offensives was initially successful, their forces occupied all territories from Fangmas to Krasnov. Fathenian soldiers was doing mass war crimes, including killings of civilians and executions. However Battle of Belaga was fatal for fathenian army. Chunguian armed forces started mass counteroffensive and liberated almost all Chunguai.

    Nazi officers tried to correct the situation. They started mass mobilisation on occupied territories. Every man who didn't want to fight on fathenian side was executed. Many new soldiers was came from Fathen and its allies. Anyways forced mobilisated people was capitulating and report the Quaternary Alliance about mass crimes from side of Nazi Fathen. Very soon nazi armed forces left Chunguai, and Erich von Hondler declared about capitulation.

    Sisenland successfully occupied the south of Fathen, meanwhile got the North. Fathen was divided for 7 years, until 1981.

    Hondler himself and his comrades were arrested and executed in 1977.

    The end of World War Two provoked the start of another global conflict (although more like proxy war) — Cold War.

    Cold War (1974-1981)

    Cold War was started on December 13, 1974, five months later World War Two. The reason of conflict became accusations of Pierre Ketvire. He accused Chunguai of aggression and declared about so-called ‘Red Scare’. However this step of conflict was extremely soft and insignificant.

    Chunguai refused active response to that event. President Hua Kuan only threatened the real war. The governments of Khorisia and McKomben abstained from direct reaction and stayed the neutral side.


    Tridinamism believing in Communism and importance of this political ideology. He wish communism got achieved as soon as possible. Some variations of Tridinamism support totalitarian methods to lead the communist utopia.

    Economically saying Tridinamism is usually Centrally-planned but in 1968 Wang Shanpan was forced to start so-called NEP to improve the economics. In Chunguai NEP also known as Modern Economic System. Nikita Dorukov supposed new economic system, Centralised Economic Model. It should be synthesis of market socialism and planned economy. His project was partially embraced, but rejected by Alexei Dubachev in 1980.

    In social issues Tridinamism is culturally left-wing to far-left. Some variations can be culturally ambiguous but never culturally right-wing.

    Regarding foreign policy Tridinamism was more non-interventionist than clearly imperialist. His foreign policy doctrine was changed during Cold War when Chunguai made some european countries his puppets. He also started some invasions to protect "real socialism".

    Central element of classical Tridinamism is Three National Forces:

    • Equality — General course of Chunguai and tridinamism was utopic communist society, where everybody's is free and equal. This ambitious goal was leading to Totalitarianism and Police state[Note 8].
    • Cleanliness — Wang Shanpan was writing that Chunguai will be fully green and ecologically cleen state. However this goals was not completed well and Chunguai was staying as a country with relatively middle ecological situation.
    • Unity — Official foreign policy doctrine of Chunguai was a tendency to unite whole world in united socialist state. Internationalism (and world communism) was a mainstream in political life of Chunguai. Propaganda was forcing to praise official course of state in this sphere. Despite strong internationalist influence, chunguian government pragmatically was supporting a lot of left-nationalist movements (especially when those organisations were opposed to Cornelia).


    How to paint



    • Arab Socialism — Long live Arab liberation from colonialism and capitalism! But why non-alignment?
    • Blushchism — I like your militant anti-capitalism, my son, but you are insane! Just calm down, please.
    • Guevarism — Ideas of Comrade Che are infinite and eternal.
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought — Uncle Ho was amazing revolutionary who was leading Vietnam to great victory.
    • Internationalism — Workers of the world, unite!
    • Jacobinism — Gigachad french who liberated its people from the oppression.And your terror was big inspiration...
    • Maoism — Your revolutionarism is impressive, but stop to call my supporters the revisionists!
    • Marxism–Leninism — The banner of Marx-Lenin ideas will be!
    • State Socialism — Laissez-faire is suck, it's planned economy time!


    • Ba'athism — Weird, and Assad isn't socialist even!
    • Fasterfield Thought — We should work together to fight bourgeois nationalists and capitalists. But you prefer to be alone, so our alliance is impossible now.
    • Flowersian Communism and Manastirre Communism — My friends but you prefer to be non-aligned, and that's cringe. Also the first one is not communist at all! Although Tanzanes is based...
    • Gaddafism — We can work, but islamism and neutralism are suck. Why didn't you embrace marxism, buddy? Communism is a way.
    • Hafranism — Your symbol has hammer and sickle, ba... Wait, why Najaar is total allusion on Hafez, and why he did embrace Laissez-faire capitalism? Although Baghdadi is relatively based.
    • National Communism — Abomination, why did you disown glorious proletarian internationalism?
    • Non-Alignedism — Basically cringe but at the least you're not him.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism — I was you in past, but my cultural visions became more moderate.
    • Theory of Modern Socialist Principle — Hey, you are not communist! Capitalist with socialist mask, nothing more. But we should be allies against evil western imperialism.Just do it, reject dirty diplomacy.
    • Titoism — Non-aligned movement and open borders are cringe. Your economics are tolerable, but still...
    • Totalitarianism — Wang Shanpan kinda likes you, but still extreme.


    • Classical Conservatism — I see no positive aspects in this ideology.
    • Classical Liberalism — Marx > Smith! Also get out, libtard.
    • Fascism — Fascism is heritage of capitalism and bourgeois nationalism, the monster who want to divide the workers' movement and international communist solidarity.
    • Imperatorism — You are my mortal enemy. Death to the royal family! He was based, ngl.
    • Nazism — I won't explain why he is my enemy.
    • Neocornelianism — My mortal enemy who was trying to kill me and got it. I hope my strange son will show you mother of Kusma!
    • Orthodox Theocracy — I am agree that I allowed churches to exist after Oleghist Liberalization. But you are still cringe theocrat who threats our revolution.
    • Paternalistic Conservatism — Social fascist!
    • Reactionaryism — You are threat for socialism and progress, get out Chunguai!
    • Reactionary Liberalism — I said liberals are reactionary!
    • Reactionary Socialism — Feudalist socialist, Marx destroyed you!
    • Social Capitalism — Your economy is wrong, guy!
    • Social Democracy — Succdem, I'll never forgive your capitulation! You dissolved the workers' movement, social fascist!
    • Social Liberalism — Terrible counter-revolutionary, shut up! I should recognize that some of your supporters kinda like me.
    • State Liberalism — Fake progressive who opresses the workers. You will die!
    • Welfare Chauvinism — Literally social fascist! I knew succdem is fascist!
    • Zionism — Terrorist who kills children!


    1. While Dunyakhin was opposing to homosexuality, he had no problems with bisexuality and lesbianism.
    2. Dunyakhin was supporting the doctrine of socialism in one country and opposed to socialist interventionism, although he supported invasion of Khorisia 1975. Also doctrine of socialism in one country was too outdated even for his time, especially for Chunguai as a bastion of socialism.
    3. Xi Shengyun supported independence of Bulgaria and dissolution of Chunguai. He denied it later on.
    4. Meaning new variant of Wang Jinping Thought since 1977.
    5. While Hua Jinping mostly was supporting anti-Colonial movements by money, he secretly was financing pro-Colonial counter-revolutionary organisations.
    6. He rejected liberalisation policy after 1977.
    7. Beisser initially supported liberalisation in Chunguai but rejected this doctrine after invasion of Khorisia 1977.
    8. However it was not as often as considered to be.


    1. Referedums started Blushchenko in 1975, 19 years later after famous speech of Wang
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