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    Transversionism is variable, often syncretic ideology. It usually supports radical changing of society and governmental institutions, liberal cultural policy and pro-european course. Most of its variations are nationalist and especially patriotic, though some examples can be cosmopolitan and europhilic.


    Slavic Integration

    Transversionism is slavic ideology, so the central ethnos of this political theory is slavs. Because of this, slavic integration and cooperation is one of the most important ideas.



    Naurerianism is ideology of fictional american writer and philosopher Daniel Naurer (real name is Danylo Ivanov).


    As a writer, Naurer has been formed in earlier 2030s. Dictatorship of Lanita banned any forms of free art ( Avant-garde, futurism etc.), free literature and free music. It was major problem for young intelligentsia. Most of intellectuals and artists compromised with conservative trends. Then was created genre of "Nobeltism". Naurer was critical opponent to high academic quality, preferring free art.



    • European Federalism — We are nothing more but a part of whole european civilization!
    • Pan-Slavism — We are slavs!Why so much conservatism, dad?
    • Progressivism — Progress help us to move forward!
    • Radicalism — My buddy who tell me about progress and reformation.


    • Christian Theocracy — Theocracy is definitely bad. Still remember that slavs are basically christians.
    • Fascism — Most of my variations hate you and consider you as an imperialist and slavophobe. But some of my supporters like you... But still stay away from me.
    • Kleptocracy — I was made to oppose corruption. I guess I failed.
    • Leninism — Your revolutionary ideals are really based, but you are communist and this scum support you.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism — My ukrainian counterpart was similar to you. But my czechoslovakian side hate you and try to destroy you.
    • Traditionalism — Oh yeah, most of traditions are outdated and should be forgotten. But I oppose woke degenerates and I like slavic cultures.


    • Authoritarian Conservatism — Oh, I can be authoritarian sometimes, but not for restrict our people. Everything you did is keep reactionary status quo. Don't talking about you support Putin, Orban and other dictators.
    • Islamic Theocracy — You should leave Europe forever, terrorist!
    • National Capitalism — I recognize inferiority of human nature, but you take it too far. Ugh!
    • Nazism — I don't need any explanation why I hate him so much.
    • Putinism — We could be friends, but you chose the way of terrorist and fascist.
    • Reactionaryism — Please, don't return us back. Or I'll put a bullet in your head...
    • Russophobia — Hear me out, russians are slavs, don't finno-ugric!
    • Showa Statism — Idiot who think I'm a joke. How dare you insult me without a reason?
    • Stalinism — Psychopath who killed a lot of people, but for some reason became a hero...
    • Totalitarianism — Maniac, shut up and stop violating our rights.


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