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    Transmedicalism, whose believers are often known as "truscum" ("true transsexual scum"), is broadly defined as the belief that being transgender is contingent upon experiencing persistent gender dysphoria and undergoing necessary medical treatment in transitioning. Transmedicalists believe that individuals who identify as transgender but who do not experience gender dysphoria or seek to undergo medical transition, through methods such as hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgery, are not genuinely transgender.

    Modern proponents of transmedicalism argue that the trans community has harmed itself by promoting gender abolitionism and the non-existence of criteria for someone to identify as transgender. This harm, transmedicalists argue, often comes in the form of transition care being seen by many as cosmetic (and not necessary) procedures, truly dysphoric trans people being marginalized within the already marginalized trans community due to differences in lived experience, and to an extent, transphobia from cis people.

    Critics of transmedicalism argue that the belief pathologizes and gatekeeps having a transgender identity, which can harm people exploring their identities, assumes monolithic trans experiences that does not reflect the experiences of all trans people, and creates undue restrictions on access to transgender-related care for everyone, including dysphoric trans people.

    Contrary to popular belief, many transmedicalists accept non-binary people as long as they experience dysphoria.

    The idea of the medicalization of trans identity is mostly backed by professional medical organizations and papers, including WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) and the DSM-V.


    Transmedicalism is a binary trans man or woman, who constantly complains about how tucutes and trenders are ruining the public perception of trans people.



    • Scientocracy - Trained medical professionals are good at determining whether someone is truly trans or not. Although you can be a bit tucute sometimes nowadays, we go way back and I respect you.
    • Progressivism - Thank you for promoting acceptance of trans people. Just please don't get too tucute.
    • Assimilationism - I just want to be a normal member of society for God's sake!
    • Communitarianism - We need to preserve a good image of trans people, and keep each other and the community at large in check.
    • Transgender Tradwifeism - Is a bit weird and femcel-ish sometimes, but still has many of the right ideas.
    • Femboyism, Masculine Feminism - Fellow believers that being gender nonconforming and being trans are two different and separate things.
    • Progressive Conservatism - Minority rights and... I almost can't believe I'm saying this... tradition!


    • Transgenderism - The modern trans rights movement is often too tucute. Trans rights are still vital and worth fighting for, though.
    • Stransserism - You don't like the SJWs either, but can you please be normal?
    • Transhet Feminism - Fellow marginalized voice in the western trans community. You're too prone to tucute thinking, though.
    • Individualism - I'm all for living your truth, but you should also care about how your actions impact the community's image.


    • Tucuteism - It feels like I'm being pushed out of my own spaces because of you!
    • Gender Accelerationism - No you can't just make up new genders! Gender is NOT a social construct, you can't identify as a cat.
    • Post-Modernism - This is nonsense!
    • Xenogenderism - Transphobic trash that wants to make fun of trans people. You and the conservatives who ironically identify as Apache attack helicopters are basically one and the same.
    • Transphobia - I just want to live, and here you are, wasting your energy on scrutinizing and harming an extremely insignificant minority... for what?
    • TERFism - It's hard to distinguish tucutes from you sometimes.
    • SJW - Can you not?
    • Sexocracy - Being trans is not and can never be a fetish, fuck off!

    Further Information


    1. When trans healthcare guidelines were first introduced in the west, they were strongly transmedicalist in nature. However, for its time, it was undoubtedly a step forward, from the lack of any recognition of transsexualism or any transition care in years prior.
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