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    Transjuche is a far-left ideology.


    The person is the master of all things and the decisive factor in everything.
    — Kim Il-sung

    People, since they are the only things possessing consciousness, are, as well as their desires are, the most important things in a society and since no consciousness any more than any other, all people are equal.


    My God is none other than the people.
    — Kim Il-sung

    Inline with its philosophy, Transjuche believes that more people's interests are more important than less people's interests and as a consequence, majority of people shall rule, even to the detriment of the minority and any further organization must always conform to this idea.

    The Issue that is the Government

    Only the popular masses are omniscient and omnipotent and almighty on earth.
    — Kim Il-sung

    Unfortunately, with larger scale, the idea that all decisions are to be put before all the peoples and decided becomes more and more impractical and as a result, delegation will eventually become necessary. In earlier stages, this might mean delegating certain routine decisions. In more advanced stages, this might mean delegating most decisions to a delegatory body. And in the most advanced of stages, this might mean delegating the appointment of the delegatory body itself.


    Inline with its philosophy, Transjuche belives all parts of the economy should be controlled by the people. And no, despite what imperialist pigs want you to believe, this does not create any issues whatsover.

    Plans for the Revolution

    Alien Invasion

    It is highly unlikely that any society could achieve interstellar travel without embracing Transjuche, therefore if aliens come, they will liberate Earth by putting Transjuche in power.

    Traditional Revolution

    The people are the masters of the revolution in each country. It is like putting a cart before the horse that foreigners carry out the revolution for them. The revolution can neither be exported nor imported.
    — Kim Il-sung

    Arm the people and fuck the state!


    Compared to traditional revolution, unionization and striking has the advantage of low casualties and potential for trying a different approach if this one doesn't work.

    Drug Money

    Founding a criminal organization and lobbying the party into the government through the funding from this organization.


    We do a little voter fraud.

    New World

    Fly to mars and establish Transjuche there.

    Old New World

    Coup the martian government and put Transjuche in power.

    Critique of Markets


    Currently the market produces 50% more food than it would need to feed earth's entire population.

    Distributional Inefficiency

    And yet, despite the market producing 50% more food than it would need to feed earth's entire population, 10,000,000 people starve to death every single year with another billion suffering from malnutrition.

    Ruthless Competition

    Everyone who does not do the best to get ahead of everyone else is actively punished by being overtaken by somebody else, leaving no space for anything that isn't the most profitable.


    With economy controlling so many aspects of society, it only makes sense that people with more economic power can have better life and better opportunities.

    Generational Inequality

    With better opportunities, people with more economic will have children that will have better opportunities (such as education and better social contacts), this will exponentially increase over generations, with people with less economic power having progressively less and less and people with more progressively more and more.


    With the massive amounts of money that can be amassed by individuals, buying influence becomes easy and common, leading to oligarchies, imperialism and general opression.

    Poisoning of Society

    Slavery, racism, anti-semitism, transphobia, homophobia, nationalism, misogeny, castes, ableism, ageism, anti-intellectualism, aporophobia were all caused in one way or another by market economics.


    With rampant corruption, any sort of government will eventually become a puppet of the economy, leaving no democracy or freedom to speak of.

    Inevitable Feudalism

    With political monopolies forming, the society will eventually become more or less owned by one person and because of generational inequality, the corporate positions will become more or less inherited.

    A Word On Worker Cooperatives

    Glossing over the fact that worker cooperatives solve almost none of those aforementioned issues, the biggest problem is, how to determine when two worker cooperatives work together and when they are one, because if the answer to this question isn't completely bulletproof, it's just timed capitalism.

    Larpy variation


    Then there's also her semi-serious, totalitarian, stranserist variation with wonderful policies such as:

    • estrogen the water supply
    • be gay, do a substantial amount of war crimes
    • organized crime's also cool
    • mass producing transitions because there's no way that can go wrong

    How to draw

    Flag of Transjuche
    1. Draw a white ball.
    2. Draw a blue stripe on the top a bottom.
    3. Outline the border between the blue and white with pink.
    4. Replace the left eye with a white eye-patch.
    5. Draw the WPK Emblem in the eye-patch.
    6. Draw the other eye and you're done.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Blue #5BCEFA 91, 206, 250
    Pink #F5A9B8 245, 169, 184
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255




    • TransDemcon.png Kurdish Transcommunalism - Get more authoritarian if you want to accomplish your goals.
    • Queermon.png Queer Monarchism - Similar to me in some ways. But also quite different. I can tolerate you.
    • Strans.png Stransserism - Fellow Trans Authoritarian Leftist. But you have issues that we need to address...
    • BakedGorb.png Baked Gorbachevism - Man, you make me laugh. You need to get more authoritarian and stop trying to "fix" something that does not need fixing!


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