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    Transilminism, also known as Transgender One-People Principle is Populist, Nationalistic, and authoritarian ideology that embraces a progressive position on cultural issues, especially transgender rights.

    Her main inspiration is the ideologies Rhee Syngman and Park Chung-hee, both Presidents of the Republic of Korea. These ideologies are collectively known as Ilminism.png Ilminism. However, unlike traditional Ilminism, which is culturally very conservative, Transilminism is very culturally progressive, especially regarding LGBTQ rights.

    She is also known for her bitter rivalry with her sister Transjuche Icon.png Transjuche.



    • Statlib.png State Liberalism - One of my best friends. An authoritarian capitalist who is also a strong supporter of trans rights. A key ally against stinky bigots and rotten communists. *Hugs*.
    • PolState.png PolState-Car.gif Police Statism - You are BASED! I love it when police march in pride parades! A strong police state will protect trans people from bigotry! Oh, and I brought you donuts!!!
    • AnnaWintour.png Anna Wintour Thought - An authoritarian progressive capitalist like me! She also has a FANTASTIC eye for fashion!
    • Hcon.png LGBT Conservatism - YES!!! You prove that one truly can be both conservative and a member of the LGBTQ community. (It's sad that we are both frequently ostracized from both communities.)
    • LesboFranco.png Lesbofrancoism - An LGBTQ ally of mine! Thanks girl! (Wait, why are you friends with HER TransShowa-Imperial.png!?)
    • Liberalnaz.png Liberazism - Thanks for always standing up for me. YOU ARE A GREAT PAL!
    • PCB-Progressiv Fascism Icon.png Progressive Fascism - You are an authoritarian that has progressive values! We have a good friendship! (Although I hate being called a fascist by those damn commies, because I’m totally not a fascist!)
    • Corp.png Corporatocracy - FANTASTIC! Culturally progressive governments and culturally progressive corporations should work together to create sunshine and rainbows!


    • GenZComicon.png Gen Z Communism - I'm happy you are a progressive and a supporter of the trans community. But listen here, communism is EVIL, you boob!
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - An LGBTQ capitalist!!! This I like! But get more authoritarian.
    • Bhl.png Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - You are a friend and defender of the LGBTQ community, AND you embrace capitalism. But you need to understand that libertarianism just allows bigotry to flourish.
    • Libertfem.png Libertarian Feminism - A capitalistic feminist who recognizes my true gender! But your anti-government views just allow bigots to do as they please.
    • Lesbobj.png Lesbobjectivism - You hate commies as much as I do!!! AND you love capitalism!!! AND you’re gay!!!!! You sound like you’re BASED-Wait, what’s this about hating the state?
    • TransHelv.png Transhelvetic Model - You are a strong advocate for trans rights, progressive values, and capitalism! Your model is near perfect! But if you truly want to get things done, you need to have a STRONG STATE!!! How many times do I have to tell you loony libertarians that!?


    • PCB-Transjuche Icon.png Transjuche - My evil socialist twin sister! You will lose bitch! (Even though we are both trans and recognizes each others struggles)
    • Pinksta.png Pink Stalinism - My bitch sister's PCB-Transjuche Icon.png best friend! You are always helping her attack me! STOP IT YOU COMMIE SCUM!
    • WeebFascism.png Weeb Fascism - Fuck you and your fake progressive, imperialistic bullshit!
    • Paleolib.png Paleolibertarianism - I really don't give a crap if you are a capitalist or not. You are a rotten, hateful, transphobic, bonehead.
    • Lesboxhaism icon.png Lesboxhaism - You also are completely insane! Communist Scum!
    • Radfem.png Radical Feminism - Real feminists fight for ALL women, not just cisgender women. STOP MISGENDERING ME!!!
    • Nazfem.png National Feminism - **gasps** What kind of foul monster is this!? EVERYONE RUN!!!!!!!!

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