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    Transhumanist Ego Theocratic Imperialism

    Transhumanist Ego Theocratic Imperialism, often referred to by its acronym THETI, is an off-compass, economically and culturally variable ideology which views itself as the ultimate conclusion of egoism. To escape the hedonic treadmill, the individual seeks to expand their ego indefinitely and pursue godhood (creating an eternal ego). Through transhumanism, the individual carrying the ego can achieve immortality. THETI views Egoism as a non-cogent ideology, owing to its adherence to the spook of egoistical equality, which unfairly limits one's pursuit of self-interest. Through the acceptance of complete egoism, the individual's ego is no longer restricted by the inability to impose itself on the ego of others. It also seems to be a cult that worships itself


    THETI was developed by RevenantEgo as a satirical criticism of Egoism and its limitations - chiefly, its concession to the spook that all egos are sacred, and that one cannot behave at the expense of others in the pursuit of self-interest. THETI's primary focus is on outrunning the hedonic treadmill for all individuals by establishing meaning in a real and tangible eternal ego, whose axioms are biological (rather than universal) and established in the eternal ego's self-interest. The eternal ego is worshipped as a deity by all others and replaces material spooks, such as the state and money, as the source of human culture and meaning.

    While the eternal ego is not bound by the obligation to elevate the quality of life for all egos, it is ideally directed towards facilitating the infinite expansion and universal domination of humanity. To prevent humanity from reaching the hedonic tipping point and preventing the generation of fulfilment and meaning, the eternal ego engages in the practice of anti-treadmilling, where the quality of life of the average human is artificially greatly reduced and gradually increased. The anti-treadmill, in theory, breeds complacency among the masses; this makes revolution less likely, hard labor easily accessible, and life satisfaction across humanity increase steadily, benefiting the eternal ego (should it still have any remnant of empathy by the time of its ascension). This means that a THETI-ruled society is more utopia than dystopia, with the anti-treadmill specifically designed to avoid the primary pitfall of many fictional utopias: an uncomfortable relationship with the hedonic treadmill, and a degeneracy into boredom. Solidarity across humanity is more likely with the anti-treadmill, and the constant ascent of quality of life (paired with denial of education until much later in life, as well as artificially limited access to immortality) only serves to strengthen humanity's trust and reliance on the eternal ego.

    It should be noted that the eternal ego itself, should it be self-aware enough, will engage in self-anti-treadmilling in order to permanently live in an ever increasing ecstasy.

    Personality and Behavior

    THETI shares the stoic, rational temperament of most egoists, alongside the clinical disposition of most transhumanists. He acts exclusively in his own self interest, but is generally not malicious or cruel towards his property. He employs the terminology of "cuck" to describe anyone who cedes to an ego other than the eternal, and uses the term phantasm as a substitute for spook. As there can only be one eternal ego in any given universe, imitations or duplicates are declared by him as heretics unworthy of the title of God.

    Stylistic notes

    THETI's eyes are slightly luminous. He is assumed to be capable of flight, regardless of whether he is illustrated with wings.

    How To Draw

    Flag of Transhumanist Ego Theocratic Imperialism
    1. Draw a ball with eyes.
    2. Color the ball black (#141414).
    3. Draw three lines colored light gray (#BFBFBF), each curving slightly upward, on each side of the ball. The line in the middle should be thicker than the other two.
    4. Draw an ouroboros in the shape of an inverted triangle and color it teal (#008080). The top of the triangle should lie above the eyes. Artists may choose to color the right half of the triangle dark teal (#006868) to illustrate the head and tail of the ouroboros more clearly.
    5. THETI may optionally be depicted with a glowing golden halo and angel wings to illustrate his godly nature.
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Teal 0,128,128 #008080
    Dark Teal 0,104,104 #006868
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    Light Gray 191,191,191 #BFBFBF





    Further Information


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