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    Transhet Feminism is a feminist ideology advocating for the visibility and addressing of the unique set of challenges that come with the trans heterosexual female lived experience. It argues that within the lived experience of straight trans women, discrimination comes at an intersection of transphobia, homophobia, and misogyny from cishet society, and frequent anti-heterosexual sentiment within the LGBTQ+ community, particularly within transgender community spaces that they try to be a part of. It argues that straight trans women often experience on top of misogyny a "double whammy" of not being included in cishet spaces or LGBTQ+ spaces. It advocates, on top of trans rights and women's rights and a free government-distributed boyfriend for every straight trans woman, for greater visibility and inclusion of straight trans women within women's spaces, cishet spaces, and LGBTQ+ spaces.

    Transhet Feminism does not propose that straight trans women are more oppressed than lesbian, bisexual and asexual trans women, and it stands against homophobia. It just advocates for visibility and equal footing of straight trans women.




    • LGBTism - I'm all for the inclusivity umbrella, but can you please be more consistent and include me more? I experience transphobia and homophobia too, you know.
    • Gender Accelerationism - I appreciate your desire to liberate me, but you go too far and don't recognize that many trans women, especially straight trans women, find value in gender even if it's a social construct.
    • Transgender Tradwifeism - Just like me for real Um, could you like, tone down the traditionalism a bit?
    • Transmedicalism - Supports my cause, but is sometimes too exclusionary.
    • Tucuteism - Supports my cause in theory, but often not in practice.
    • Radical Feminism - I appreciate your support, but you treat men like the enemy, which I cannot support.
    • Conservative feminists - You understand some of my struggles, but you're too conservative, and often exclusionary to me.


    • Transphobia - Screw you!
    • TERFism - You call my trans status and my heterosexuality mental illnesses. But the only mental illness I see is you.
    • Misogyny - What the heck is your deal?
    • Patriarchy - Smash the patriarchy! Both ideologically and literally.
    • Manosphere - You remind me of high school.
    • Heterophobia - You don't unironically exist all that often, but even your ironic side isn't great. I'm tired of the "kill the str*ights" jokes.
    • Homofascism - This is a horrible idea. No thank you.
    • Homophobia - I am not you, and I will not let you hurt me or my gay friends!
    • SuperStraight Pride - Wow, imagine being that much of a pest.
    • Incelism - Awful. Thoroughly awful.

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