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    Transgender Tradwifeism is a variant of Tradwifeism that promotes for trans women's inclusion as tradwives. Like Tradwifeism, it promotes traditional women's gender roles, particularly within relationships, marriage, and family, and submission to men. It believes that trans women should be traditionally feminine, partially in hopes that they will be better accepted as women and as tradwives.



    • Tradwifeism - Thanks for accepting me... I shall follow in your footsteps.
    • Positive Reactionaryism - My lovely tradhusband who deserves my cooking, cleaning and submission.
    • Patriarchy - I love a strong fatherly man.
    • Maternalism - I know my duties.
    • Transhet Feminism - One of the few trans people who understands me and supports my liberty to live a traditional heterosexual life.
    • Transmedicalism - True trans women should follow traditional women's roles.


    • Traditionalism - It was the best of times, unless we count the times you singled me out and beat me up.
    • Progressivism - Thank you for accepting me, but I'm not too fond of those new women's roles you're promoting.
    • Homoconservatism - We share much in common. However, you should stop calling me a "biological male" just to appease other conservatives.
    • Conservative Feminism - While I like your appreciation for traditionalism, you often exclude me.
    • Other feminists - Thanks for accepting me, but why won't you embrace traditional women's roles?
    • Transgenderism - Trans rights! Just don't give me more rights than my man. Also, why do you often hate me?
    • Sexual Liberationism - Thanks for promoting acceptance of me in your movement, but please cool it with the degeneracy!
    • Manosphere - I agree that feminism is bad, and women should be submissive, but you often just straight up hate me, and also sometimes act incelish.


    • Incelism - You hate me, yet you want to goon to me? EWW!!! GET AWAY!!
    • SuperStraight Pride - Get away from me you disgusting incel!
    • TERFism - Literally my opposite. You hate trans people and want to go to war with men. Die in a ditch you fake "women's liberator".
    • Misogyny - Believing women have certain roles is VERY different from hating them.
    • Men's Liberation - I have my roles, and you have yours! Unless you'd like to join me.

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