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    Not to be confused with Tranarchism, a form of queer anarchism that focuses on transgender rights.

    Transarchy is rule by transgender people. They believe* that trans people are special and need to become rulers. Their pronoun is they/them. Transarchy requires that people be transgender and use a gender-neutral pronoun. They like anything that demotes cis people. They also promote giving advantages to transgender people through affirmative action. They are transgender. They are very aggressive at her speech and condemn those who believe in cis power.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Split the flag into fifths (rows)
    3. Color the bottom fifth and the top fifth light blue (#5bcefa).
    4. Color the middle fifth white (#ffffff).
    5. Color the other two fifths (the second and fourth fifths) light pink (#f8a9b8)
    6. Draw a white circle inside of the flag.
    7. Place the transgender emblem (⚧) on the white circle.
    8. Draw the eyes.




    • Gerontocracy - there are more young trans people than there are old people. REVOLUTION!
    • Progressive Conservatism - I like one head, but the other head I hate. You're a SIAMESE TWIN!
    • Parentism - Only trans parents should have rights!
    • Tranarchism - Hates the state, but I LOVE its desire to equalize transgendered people!
    • SajZeal Model - Thanks for cooperating over the transgender rights. Cis people are transphobes and need to be suppressed. But JUST CUT IT WITH TECHNOCRACY!! PLEASE! *goes into triggered mode*


    Arch Enemy

    Personality and Stances

    They are a very stereotypical SJW. They are very aggressive and hate all opposition! They always are shy of the cultural right. They are sometimes ultra-progressive. They are abortion-neutral and strongly pro-same-sex unions. They believe in "trans power". They strongly support Antifa and BLM.

    They also have a Twitter account which they are constantly on. They have a couple hundred followers, follow over a thousand people, and make up to 300 posts per day.

    *Singular they; used as a preferred pronoun

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