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    Transgender Pediarchism, or Pediarcho-Transarchy is an ideology where transgender kids rule everything. Trans Kids are ENTITLED to gender reassignment surgery, and gender constructs are gone. There is no patriarchy or matriarchy, it's transarchy. Preferred pronouns are a right and all will be enforced to preserve transgenderism. Trans-girls rule women's sports. Biological sex is nothing to recognise in a society like this. Transgendered adults and cisgendered kids are in one category. Trans kids are cool. The trans-pediarchy is normally against teenagers, but is sometimes for them.


    They loves cis suppression and sometimes, radical feminism. They hates conservatives, traditionalists, parents, grandparents, teachers, Trump, and the cultural right. They likes anime (no h*ntai) and videogames. They hates cis people as well. They does not like traditionalists because they are anti-LGBT.

    • "They" is being used as a singular they because it is an LGBT pronoun.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Split the flag into fifths (rows)
    3. Color the bottom fifth and the top fifth light blue (#5bcefa).
    4. Color the middle fifth white (#ffffff).
    5. Color the other two fifths (the second and fourth fifths) light pink (#f8a9b8)
    6. Using light gray (#d8d8d8), create a child silhouette holding the hand of an adult silhouette.
    7. Add a transgender emblem (⚧) to the child's head. The head should be inside of the circle in the emblem.
    8. Add a white plus (+) in the child's head and a white minus (-) in the adult's head.
    9. Add the eyes to the ball.



    • Pediarchy.png Pediarchy - Kids rule, parents drool!
    • Pedsoc.png Pedsoc - You remind me of my cis parents but your system topples them to their knees.
    • Pedfash.png Pediarcho-Fascism - Trans kids rule, cis adults drool!
    • Transarchy.png Transarchy - My predecessor! You've just got to throw more kids into the mix!
    • SJW.webp SJW - Social Justice!
    • Prog.png Progressivism - Personal freedom!
    • Anime.png Animeism - Soothing to the trans people out there! Freedom!



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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.