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    Trans-Marxism-Leninism-Maoism or TMLM is an extreme progressive, far left ideology based heavily on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It takes Marxism-Leninism-Maoism one step further and focuses not just on worker liberation but also backs a revolutionary insurrection to topple traditional, conservative, and reactionary forces. It has a particular affinity for trans rights. Trans-Marxism-Leninism-Maoism also sees itself as a continuation of Pink Maoism.

    Flag of Trans-Marxism–Leninism–Maoism




    • Anarcho-Communism - Marx said you can't build communism without first establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat.
    • Queer Anarchism - Same as above, but with more emphasis on LGBTQ+ rights, which is based.
    • Anarcha-Feminism - And you as well girlfriend.
    • Maoism–Third Worldism - You're a progressive Maoist, but your ideas on "Third-Worldism" are fucking stupid.
    • Bear Ba'athism - Queer socialism is awesome. And good job at taking down bigotry. If only you embraced what Marx, Lenin, and Mao taught!
    • Lesboxhaism - A warrior against reactionary forces. You have some really awesome ideas. But you piss me off when you call me a revisionist.

    Reactionary, Bourgeoisie Scum

    • Crapitalism - Your exploitation of the workers of the world ends now!
    • Liberalism - You are the reason why the world is such a shit show.
    • Reactionaryism - Prepare to be exterminated!!! You must die in order for the world to move forward.
    • Conservatism - Most progressives are too soft on you, thinking they can either change you or "agree to disagree". I know better. Time to die bigot.
    • Paleoconservatism - You're even worse than the pile of shit above you! You get to watch the old world and your dreams burn to the ground before you die.
    • Reaganism - Demented fuck who screwed over the working class.
    • Thatcherism - DING DONG! The bitch is dead.
    • LGBT Conservatism - A traitor who sides with homophobes. If you love bigots so much, you can die with them.
    • National Democracy - Filthy liar that pretends he loves democracy, but he actually hates it. Another bigot who gets the bullet.
    • Fujimorism - Its too bad the Shining Path couldn't overthrow your disgusting carcass.
    • Liberal Socialism - FAKE SOCIALIST!!! Simply supporting universal healthcare doesn't automatically make you a socialist you bimbo!
    • Khrushchevism - Revistionist scum! It's your fault that Soviet Union reverted backed to capitalism!
    • Brezhnev Doctrine - Fake socialist, social imperialist homophobe!
    • Pink Dengism - Mao would be rolling in his grave!
    • Paleolibertarianism - Capitalist bigot!
    • Putinism - Homophobic, imperialist capitalist! I don't care if you're "anti-west"!
    • Radical Feminism - Transphobic, fake feminist cunt!
    • National Feminism - Ditto!!!
    • Klansmanism - I'm going to set your robes on fire while you are in them.
    • State Liberalism - I'll let you live for now so you can execute all the reactionaries. But then you die.
    • Transilminism - Fuck you, you fake social justice warrior capitalist slimeball!
    • Pink Capitalism - Fake progressive who pretends to love minorities while he exploits them.
    • National Capitalism - You manage to make capitalism even worse.
    • Reactionary Liberalism - And you manage to make liberalism even worse! You ass hole!
    • Objectivism - Capitalist whore who literally embraces being a selfish bitch. By the way, your books SUCK!
    • National Socialism - Nazi garbage who deserves execution. End of story.
    • Karen - Entitled bitch who is too stupid to understand what feminism is.
    • Pink Jihadism - You are so fucking dumb. I am the real warrior against reactionary filth!!!
    • Feudalism - The old world dies with you.
    • Fascism - I will enjoy killing you, you fucking filthy fascist fuck face!!!!!
    • Nilssonian Anarcho-Fascism - You can't kill me if I kill you first!
    • Hoppeanism & Korwinism - Capitalist bigots will be put to death!
    • Homophobia - Fuck you.
    • Transphobia - FUCK YOU TOO!
    • National Bolshevism - 1. You aren't a Marxist. 2. You are a reactionary, homophobic, racist wad of snot. 3. Would you prefer to be shot, hanged, or beheaded?
    • Pol Potism - Pol Pot wasn't a Marxist, just a genocidal nutcase. Get ready to be purged.
    • National Pol Potism & Burmese National Feminism - How cute. A pair of reactionary, racist love birds. I'm not one to break up a romantic relationship. So you guys can hold on to each other while I boil you alive.
    • National Fourth Theory Feminism - DISGUSTING GENOCIDAL BITCH!
    • NATO Nazism - FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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