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    Traditionalist Kakistocracy

    Traditionalist Kakistocracy is a culturally right ideology that believes in conserving Trad.png tradition under the Kak.png rule of the worst. An easily noticeable difference from it and normal Trad.png Traditionalism is the existence of a 💻 computer used for learning strange DvHeritage.png history like toilet deaths and weird ⚔ weapons 🔫 of War.png war instead of Book.png Booksupicon.png books and literature Anbook.png for more popular DvHeritage.png history like StratoHelm.png World War 2 (1939-1945) MW3.png and the Washington.png American Declaration of Independence (1776) AmericanModel.png. However, New Tradkak.png Traditionalist Kakistocracy may also learn popular DvHeritage.png history as well, depending on the current situation right now.

    Huw to Drah

    • Drah a blank baww.
    • Fill it wif da wight gween of Kak.png Kakistocwacy (#00D560)
    • Drah 2 white (#FFFFFF) stwipes on the top and bottom of da baww.
    • Drah 2 gween (#8BC34A) Trad.png Twaditionalist stwipes above the white ones so that they awe thickew.
    • Drah a white (#FFFFFF) 🕘 cwock siwhowette in da centew of da baww.
    • (Optionew) Drah a gween pwopewwew hat (#00D560 and #8BC34A) on da tawp of da baww.
    • U'we done! :)


    Kewl Twadishenal Fwendz


    • Uberkak.png Chewistocwacy Uberkak.png - I sumwhat wike you, but yew too dumb faww DvHeritage.png histowical nowadge Trad.png and give me a bad name! :( You awso need to get yaw diaper changed befaww yew can hang awt wif meh!
    • Stateath.png State Atheism - ...maybe?
    • Gay.png Wainbow guy - Awthough LGBTQ+ is a pwogwessive vawue to meh, I wike wainbows.
    • Jack.png Wed Fwench guy with da guiwwoteen - I wike yew funni hat, Fwance and da calah red, but u'we meen and want to send meh to da guiwwoteen sawmtimes. :(
    • To be added.

    Pwogwessive Enimeez and da NEWDZ!!!

    Furfer Infurmashun



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