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    Traditionalist Kakistocracy

    Traditionalist Kakistocracy is a culturally right ideology that believes in conserving tradition under the rule of the worst. An easily noticeable difference from it and normal Traditionalism is the existence of a 💻 computer used for learning strange history like toilet deaths and weird ⚔ weapons 🔫 of war instead of books and literature for more popular history like World War 2 (1939-1945) and the American Declaration of Independence (1776) . However, Traditionalist Kakistocracy may also learn popular history as well, depending on the current situation right now.

    Huw to Drah

    • Drah a blank baww.
    • Fill it wif da wight gween of Kakistocwacy (#00D560)
    • Drah 2 white (#FFFFFF) stwipes on the top and bottom of da baww.
    • Drah 2 gween (#8BC34A) Twaditionalist stwipes above the white ones so that they awe thickew.
    • Drah a white (#FFFFFF) 🕘 cwock siwhowette in da centew of da baww.
    • (Optionew) Drah a gween pwopewwew hat (#00D560 and #8BC34A) on da tawp of da baww.
    • U'we done! :)


    Kewl Twadishenal Fwendz


    • Chewistocwacy - I sumwhat wike you, but yew too dumb faww histowical nowadge and give me a bad name! :( You awso need to get yaw diaper changed befaww yew can hang awt wif meh!
    • State Atheism - ...maybe?
    • Wainbow guy - I don wike geys, but I wike wainbows.
    • Wed Fwench guy with da guiwwoteen - I wike yew funni hat, Fwance and da calah red, but u'we meen and want to send meh to da guiwwoteen sawmtimes. :(

    Pwogwessive Enimeez and da NEWDZ!!!

    Furfer Infurmashun



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