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    Toucanism (in portuguese: Tucanismo) is an ideology based on the Brazilian party, PSDB.

    He is economically center-left to center-right, civically liberal, and culturally center-left to center. Tucanism defends guidelines of social liberalism and the Third Way, such as sustainable economic growth with income distribution and quality education for all citizens. It defends a political reform that brings Brazil closer to a parliamentary system, also a market economy regulated by the State, with freer participation of private companies and international investors. He defends a liberal democracy with principles of Christian democracy, freedom of expression and and a slight friendship between Brazil and the West and and a solidarity Ukraine.

    How to draw?

    • Draw a ball
    • Paint it blue
    • Draw a PSDB toucan with a white border over the toucan
    • Add eyes




    • Liberal Conservatism - I really like how he is a democrat and liberal. But sometimes he doesn't care much about social issues.


    • Bolsonarism - Before I represented the Right of my country, now YOU RUINED AND RADICALIZED EVERYTHING!
    • Lulism - He was my friend at first AND recently we're getting along better, BUT I STILL DON'T LIKE YOU (Even though he doesn't like Bolsonaro)!!!
    • Populism - You are a disaster for the development of my country!!
    • Marxism–Leninism - You are a radical! Your ideas of revolution are undemocratic!
    • Enéasism - A crazy nationalist and anti-liberal! Lucky to have never won an election for my FHC!

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