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    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Total Utopianism is an Off-Compass Totalitarian, Economically Left, Esoteric, Transhumanist and very Dystopian Utopian ideology which wants to create a utopia where everyone is happy.

    It wants an ultra-totalitarian state so that it can ensure that everyone is as happy as possible. The state must have the power to be as benevolent as possible and it must therefore be very powerful. Thanks to the all-powerful state it can also create a utopia without any sadness.

    Transhumanism will be used to ensure that everyone is happy. With the help of technology the ideology wants to implant microchips, reconstruct the mind, eliminate certain necessary emotional functions and create a compliant populace help humanity overcome unnecessary obstacles which hinders it from living a fulfilling life.

    To make sure that no options are left untested the ideology also wants to use Esoteric practices to reach its goal. These practices may include, but are not limited to: Human sacrifices, occult rituals and bodily mutilation are nothing to worry about since they are totally safe and are being used for the greater good.

    It also wants a Socialist economic system so that noone is starving or living in poverty. Although, the ideology has a very utopian view of the economic system and rejects the Marxist "scientific socialism".




    •   Anarcho-Entertainment - Entertainment makes people happy, but I don't know about anarchy.
    •   Jokerism - Someone who has realized that life is a comedy.
    •   Satirism - Clowns make people laugh, but you must start taking politics seriously.
    •   Horrorism - People keep comparing me to you, but I don't see any similarities.



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