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    This Self Insert ideology is outdated, and the new ideology is being revised.

    Torch Socialism, commonly shortened to TorchSoc, It is a Moderate Socialist and Internationalist thought.


    Ways to seize power

    The only way to seize power is revolution. The regime gained through parliamentary struggle will soon be overthrown by the opposition. Only a coup and revolution and the establishment of a New Socialist Republic can truly liberate the people. The revolution will unite all the oppressed people, whether middle-class intellectuals or the proletariat. Revolutions broke out all over the country at the same time. The middle class will rush into parliament and occupy the city. The proletariat will occupy factories and villages. The sudden revolution will soon be attacked by the reactionary army, so the revolutionaries need to rush into the police station to obtain weapons. Perhaps there will be revolutionaries within the army, and they will take over the army.

    The Power of the Middle Class Intellectuals

    In modern developed and developing countries, the number of middle-class groups is rising. They are well educated and may have good living resources. But in recent years, middle-class intellectuals have been constantly oppressed. The middle class should look at the face of the boss (capitalist), and strive to earn money to support their families. Many middle-class people are facing unemployment in the COVID-19. The middle class may have to work overload, but they can only earn a meager salary.
    Modern urban revolution needs to rely on middle-class intellectuals. The middle class should form trade unions, seize the company from those exploiters, and make the company an enterprise of the middle class and the people. A society dominated by the middle class and the proletariat will be more equal. People will work eight hours a day, play eight hours and rest eight hours, instead of working from nine in the morning to nine in the evening. After that, there will be no exploitation, capitalists will disappear, and emerging trade unions will rise.

    Export Revolution

    Ideology believes that the revolution of a country will begin with its own revolutionary forces. However, when the revolutionary forces are mature, it shows that the local class contradictions are greater than the national contradictions. At this time, the United Red Army can intervene to help the local revolutionary forces export revolution to the local areas and attack the local reactionaries and capitalists.
    However, if the local revolutionary forces are facing failure, it means that there is no need for revolution in this place for the time being, and the local class contradictions have not been brought down to that extent, therefore, we will not carry out the export revolution, but will receive local revolutionaries to study and think where the revolution has been completed.

    The Country and The Government

    International Socialist Union

    The International Socialist Union, or ISU for short, is an alliance jointly established by all socialist regimes. All Member States of the alliance believe in central philosophy socialism. The alliance will follow the instructions of the Central Committee of the alliance and have a unified United Red Army. The coalition regimes will open their borders. This is a national alliance based purely on ideology.

    About Democracy

    The Ideology believes that all people who support the socialist government have the right to vote. The people will first elect their own people's representatives in the District People's Congress, and then go up one level after another. Finally, all people's representatives will participate in the Central People's Congress to elect leaders and vote on bills. The term of office of the people's representatives is once every three years, and the term of office of state leaders is once every five years.


    It believes that the country still needs a market economy, but the company will be taken over by a committee led by the party. The capitalists will be members of the Committee. In order to prevent exploitation, the operation of the company will be under the strict supervision of the Committee. The law will make it mandatory to work only eight hours. Such living materials as drinking water will be distributed free of charge, but in order to prevent waste, it will be regulated and restricted according to each person's physical condition.

    About Military, Weapons and War

    • "All the people are soldiers" Policy: All people should receive military training, whether they join the army voluntarily or not. Children aged 6-14 will enter the young revolutionary army and train every Friday. People aged 18 will go to the military camp to study for a month. Everyone in the barracks will be strictly militarized. When the war comes, if necessary, all the people will join the army and fight for Communism.
    • About Civilians Holding Guns: The Ideology believes that civilians should not hold guns in general. Except for the formal army and police, only the Young Revolutionary Army can carry out gun related training under the serious guidance of instructors. Any other guns should be handed over to the people's police. Those who hide guns will be regarded as terrorists and will be sentenced to death.===The Society===

    About Society

    Labor and Work

    • Great Labor Era: When the revolution is completed, people will continue to work, but with the revolutionary enthusiasm after liberation. Everyone will do what suits them, not what they are forced to do for money. Anyone who insists on his own work and supports the work of the party will be given the title of "excellent worker" and will have the priority to join the United Front formed by the party and other democratic parties.
    • Three Eight System: Every worker can only work 8 hours a day, whether he likes it or not. 8 hours will be the upper limit of work, and people will work with the fullest enthusiasm during this period. People can only work five days a week. Overtime will be illegal, whether voluntary or oppressed. If it is voluntary, it will be interrogated and will be focused on, and it will be forced to leave work when it is time to leave work. If they are oppressed, the oppressor will face eight years in prison and take part in the work that no one wants to do in the country, Although we still adhere to the 38 system.
    • Wages: Not everyone will get the same salary, those who do well will get more, and those who slack off will get less. People who don't work at ordinary times will not be paid, and they will work under supervision later. After the era of great labor, the era of communism will come, and people will distribute invoices on demand.


    It believes that all citizens should receive nine-year free compulsory education from primary school to junior high school. They will study language, mathematics, natural science, social science, history, biology, art and sports.

    • Language: All the countries in the International Socialist Union will learn a unified language of the whole league in addition to their local languages. This language does not belong to any nation, but is an artificial language. At present, Esperanto is the primary consideration.
    • Politics:All children will learn the ideological content of Torch Socialism from an early age, understand the benefits that Sotialism brings to the people, and love Socialism and ISU.

    Of course, children will also be tested. The lower grades of primary school students will have one-on-one interviews with the examiner, while the upper grades of primary school students and middle school students will have written examinations in addition to interviews. All entering a higher school will depend on the comprehensive scores. No matter whether it is the junior high school or the junior high school or the college entrance examination, what school to go to will be determined by the comprehensive examination results of students' knowledge, art, sports and the level of political and moral education determined by the Communist Youth League. Some of them will be assigned to science and technology schools, some to political schools, some to art schools, Some are assigned to sports schools. In short, everything will be allocated according to the merits of the student.

    About Religion

    Ideology believes that general religions will be legal, but cults must be illegal. All legitimate religions will be registered with the central religious Administration Association, establish relevant religious associations, elect the president of the association, and have strict religious rules. Illegal cults will be revoked by the Religious Administration Association, and cult personnel will be arrested by the police.


    All racist remarks and acts will be banned, and those who make discriminatory remarks or acts will need to apologize, compensate, and face imprisonment in serious cases. No race is superior to others, and all people are equal. Stereotypes about race will also be banned. But it will also be prohibited to describe minor acts as racial discrimination. There will be strict laws and regulations on racial discrimination, and only the language or action mentioned therein will be regarded as racial discrimination.

    Eliminate the Underworld and Evil

    The Ideology believes that all underworld should not exist. The government will set up contact information for reporting. In order to prevent grassroots governments from accepting bribes, the contact information will be directly connected to the special office of the central government. In order to prevent people from being afraid of reporting, anonymous reporting system will be adopted, but it will be more convenient to deal with real name information. After that, the people's police or the army will investigate and arrest.
    Minors' behaviors such as campus bullying can also be reported, but they need the signature of their parents. After that, the Communist Youth League will educate and criticize the bullies and protect the victim.



    Personality and Behavior

    • Torch socialism is described as a mild student who treats almost everyone with great peace and a little comedy.
    • It is also a supporter of Dengism, although it prefers to be a democratic socialist, so it is sometimes called "a fool supporting the Communist Party". But when it hears this description, it will appear a little angry.
    • It wants to read political books, but in fact, it has not read much theoretical books.
    • When it is surprised, it will say OMT, which means Oh-My-Torch.
    • It usually speaks Chinese. When it needs to speak English, it usually uses translation software.

    How to Draw





    • Maoism - 伟大领袖毛泽东主席万岁!
    • Marxism - One day, the world will be the world of the proletariat.
    • Tridemism - 革命尚未成功,同志仍需努力!
    • Gaullism - Monsieur De Gaulle a conduit le peuple français à résister à l'impérialisme et au fascisme, et la France sous votre administration a été l'un des premiers pays occidentaux à établir des relations diplomatiques avec la nouvelle Chine.
    • Titoism - Predsjednik Tito je bio veliki lider i revolucionaran, koji je otporan nacizmu i držao zemlju neutralnu između carstva SAD i Sovjetskog carstva, koju je poštovan.


    • Trotskyism - Internationalism and Socialism, good. Against Chairman Mao and New Democracy Theory, bad.
    • Jacobinism - Too radical...
    • Zionism - It is good for Jews to establish their own country, but as far as I know, the Zionist movement is a bit like a terrorist movement.


    • Capitalism - "Once there is an appropriate profit, capital will be bold. If there is 10% profit, it will be used everywhere; With 20% profit, it will become active; With a profit of 50%, it takes risks; For 100% profit, it dares to trample all human laws; With 300% profit, it dares to commit any crime and even risk being hanged."
    • Left Communism - You'll just lie on the sofa and talk big.
    • Posadism - OMG This one crazy. Have you ever thought about what to do if aliens are bad?


    Caution: This is not an evaluation of people's character, nor discrimination against anyone, but only the matching degree of ideology.




    • Celfloskyism - Why can Mao Zedong win? Because the people support him! But otherwise, 孙中山先生万岁!


    • Syncretic Tridemism - So, do you know what did Dr. Sun Yat-Sen want? Do you really think the Kuomintang will be better?
    • New Model Of Cheesenism - Although your ideas on culture, education and health look attractive, you are still a Fascist.



    • New Model Of Cheesenism - okay i just larping with my goverment belief can you updated the relation.
    • New Model Of Cheesenism - yo add my new ideology.
    • Reactionary-Cheesenism- pls add me
    • XarTario - I know you might be a newer user, but can you add me within your self-insert relations? Here's my self-insert: XarTario Thought
    • Whenever you get the chance to, can you please add me? My ideology is Novoscarletism
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    • Applethesky2021 - Add me, CCP simp.
    • Applethesky2021 - You are a typical Chinese mainlander brainwashed by CCP propagandas. The KMT was not reactionary and it combated reactionary practices and tried to modernize China into Sun’s ideal democracy through the political tutelage. The Dengoids and the CCP are far more corrupt and dictatorial than the KMT had ever been. Deng and Mao both lived in luxuries when Chiang and his son lived very plain lives. The KMT also did >95% of the war against Japan, which was why they lost the civil war.
      • Applethesky2021 - Responding to the statement: ofc because I read his <<Three Principles of the People>>.
      • Torch Socialism - I'm just asking, do you know the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army?Do you think the guerrilla warfare conducted by the Communist Party of China behind the enemy lines is not important?
        • Applethesky2021 - After the establishment of the People's Republic Mao is alleged to have said to Lin Biao that "allowing Japan to occupy more territory is the only way to love your country. Otherwise, it would have become a country that loved Chiang Kai-shek." The only major battle the commies fought was the Hundreds Regiment Offensive and even Mao criticized Peng Dehuai afterwards and told him not to resist Japan.
        • Applethesky2021 - The Taiwanese democracy today, despite all its flaws, is far less exploitive and oppressive than the CCP’s rule in Mainland China.
        • Torch Socialism - Anyway, I haven't heard what you said, and I'm not sure if it's true. I also admit that the Red Army certainly did not play the role of the Kuomintang army in the Anti Japanese war. But how can you say that Chinese Mainland is a centralized government? Have you ever been to China? How do you feel that China is an imperialist government? From media reports?
          • Applethesky2021 - I’ve never said China is an imperialist state even though its claims in South China Sea are illegitimate and their trade war with Australia is imperialistic and aggressive. China is definitely a centralized unitary state controlled by the iron grip of the CCP though and no free speech and opposition are allowed.
      • FHR Anti Winx - Hey Torch I suggest you just ignore AppletheSky, he will argue for literally hours or even days about this filling your whole page with arguing with AppletheSky. If someone like me can have their whole page filled with weird arguments of AppletheSky, it's even more likely for you considering you are Pro-China and also a lot of AppletheSky's arguments need to be fact checked as they aren't true at all sometimes.
      • Torch Socialism - Ok thanks.
      • FHR Anti Winx - Seriously though, if your argument with AppletheSky gets too long, just delete the whole argument with AppletheSky. AppletheSky's arguments are usually never ending and there's no way you can convince him whatsoever. Literally don't try it, AppletheSky doesn't really have a lot of facts or are misleading whatsoever and he will just continue to argue with you no matter what.
      • Applethesky2021 - Still better than yours though. At least I read books and academic journals.

    Template:DragonRed I'm pro China. Long Live CCP comrade. Long Live Mao Deng and Xi!

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