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    Tomassciism, fully named Religious Scientocratic Environmental General Globalist Leftism (RSEGGL) is an ideology depicting Tomassci's dream political climate.


    RSEGGLian economy is Soc-h.png socialist, with three distinct parts from three (or two) distinct ideologies. First, there is state owning all the public utility services and important stuff (Limited Statesoc.png State socialism owning for example water, electricity, some food production, maybe even internet), then there is a Regulationism.png regulated Marketsoc.png socialist market economy, and lastly there is a system of taxes inspired from Socdem.png social democracy.

    Tomassciism can go PostMarketTomassciism-icon.png one step further though. I'm talking of a state where Marketsoc.png market socialism still proves to be not enough. Then a move towards Demsocstar.png democratic socialism can happen. If that proves to be ineffective, we could go back to Marketsoc.png market socialism. This all will however happen after the whole world is Tomassciist.

    Cultural issues

    RSEGGL is a Prog.png culturally progressive ideology, valuing Liberty.png liberty and Multicult.png multiculturalism (including PCB-Native.png Indigenous and Cball-Roma.png Roma), along with also valuing Neuroequalism-icon.png neurodiversity, LGBT+ and some furries. However, he does not wish to interfere with traditions that do not interfere with his DvInclusivity.png inclusivity agenda. That may make him a Progconf.png Progressive-Conservative to some people, which Tomassci does not entirely identify with but also does not reject.

    In addition, Tomassciism is also softly Transh.png transhumanist, with the disabled being prioritized. That's done to increase lifespan and overall happiness. Tomassciism also wants to Regulationism.png regulate the scientific process, due to its belief that to most research there's a more ethical way and noting the number of controversial (mainly psychological and neurological) experiments both in past and present.

    Regarding religion, Tomassciism doesn't support Theocrat.png theocracies of any shape or size, its government is mostly Laicism.png Laicism, with public worship permitted, as long as it doesn't turn into proselytization. Tomassciism defends children's right to choose a religion or not believe in any. What makes this ideology Religious.png religious is also usage of religion to push the people towards both the Prgess.png cultural moderate left and Equality.png economic left.

    Another aspect of Tomassciism is the Community.png communitarian approach to society, which is done by placing governments close to the people, "breaking up" large cities and community festivals, similiarly to Urb.png Urbism (but without the localist characteristics). This is to promote tolerance and well-being among communities

    Environmental issues

    RSEGGL Envi.png also values the environment, and therefore it's important to impose laws protecting the environment. For example, caps on CO2 (and other important pollutants and greenhouse gasses) emissions, limiting wood mining in vulnerable regions, and investing into new ecological technologies to increase carbon dioxide reuptake. Along with protections on critical species. Tomassciism is also for alternative sources as wind, water and for the time being, Nuclear Icon.png pro-nuclear energy, believing that nowadays it's mostly fail-proof and is the best alternative to coal and oil.

    Governance system

    RSEGGL is a Scientocracy Small.png scientocratic World.png globalist ideology, meaning that it has either a World Federalism2.png world federation, or a Pannat.png federation of pan-nations with the central democratic government made of scientific experts, plus some small-power local governments. People in an area will get a chance to have their own language, as long as they make sure their area will have the power to communicate to others. Tomassciism is also Thar.png anti-authoritarian, preferring Awaj.png anarchy over Totalitarian.png totality. Also, the government should be as transparent as possible.

    Regarding direct democracy, Tomassciism doesn't favor it. He prefers representative democracy, however referenda will be accepted and welcomed. He also supports the creation of a Unitary.png File:Consti,png unitary constitution with some unitary laws (such as drug decriminalisation) and a Fed.png system of federations to allow for some overrides (eg. drug legalization)


    Tomassciism is supposed to be a Revolution.png revolutionary ideology, and the whole set of beliefs can be achieved after a Global Leftist Revolution for Human Rights (which will involve lots of Synd.png syndicalising). Therefore, also in order to minimize deaths, it's important to unite everyone. Noting that religion had big impact on history in the past, RSEGGL sees that if we transform religion as known today into a leftist version of one, we might be at better odds in succeeding. Before the movement has enough members to have a chance worldwide, it will encompass its values on a national level. That includes all of the above beliefs, with National-globalism.png alter-globalist mode of cooperation and Pac.png pacifist diplomacy-prioritizing defense.

    An alternative way to reach such a system is by using dual power.

    Tomassciism also prescribes allying with people of other ideologies, as long as you share a common goal and don't have many major disagreements (for example, a Tomassciist would ally with Mutualist.png mutualists for getting into market socialism, but won't ally in the issue of the state).

    Opinions on current hot topics

    Freedom of speech

    Although Tomassci is a progressive and hates hate speech, he understands that governmental control of speech can backfire really fast, and that it's important to set some limits on governmental control. Tomassci's definition of hate speech is:

         Repeated offenses of speech containing an attack on identity, that is of  certain severity and impact, said with the intent of harming the other side's mentality or promoting violence on said identity. 

    Such speech will be punished at most with fines (in a currency-utilising economy) or compulsory labour (in currency-less economies).


    As above, Tomassciism welcomes religion. He views most of the religious (far-)right as a result of the "Faith-Power-Capital" triangle that results in corruption of all three elements. The appropriate action is to break it apart by secularizing the law, democratizing religion and modifying governmental pay. Despite this, Tomassciism uses Relsoc.png religion to bring on socialism, but in a way that serves the masses instead of Oligarchy.png the elites.

    American democracy

    American democracy, according to Tomassci, is a fairly undemocratic entity. First of all, its DemocratF.pngUSAGOP.png two-party system is rare elsewhere, even among "third-world" democracies. Tomassci recognizes that it might not be easy to quit due to the competitionism between the two parties, but adding more parties would make for a fairer choice. The idea of a presidential country isn't good either, but the way American democracy works just makes it worse. That all gets even worse when we factor in effects such as MosaicismIcon.png gerrymandering.

    First Past The Post

    Tomassci also dislikes the First Past The Post voting system, preferring alternatives that allow for more freedom in choice. His preferred alternative is Score voting. But he's willing to ally with favorers of other alternative voting systems, because he thinks it's time Dem.png democracy itself gets a reform.


    Fellows in revolution(?)

    Mixed feelings (mostly positive though)

    • Pixil-frame-0.png Aeirinism: Anarchist, but we can agree on stuff.
    • Airisu.png Airisuism: Cool, except you're an anarchist. I think you could find some common ground with AnarchoTomassciism-icon.png Anarcho-Tomassciism
    • Lex.png Anarcho-CryptoCapitalism: Progressive, globalist and revolutionary, yet is a capitalist and an anarchist.
    • Aquerism: Yeah, you're an anarchist and much more left than me, but everything else I agree with.
    • Bingoism.png Bingoism: You're good, excpet you force people to be Christian. And are an authoritarian.
    • Bsaheedism-icon.png Bsaheedism: You remind me of AnarchoTomassciism-icon.png]] someone...
    • Nourishismicon.png Caressism: Another progressive religious ideology, except it is free capitalist market.
    • Cflski.png Celfloskism: Economically righter than me, culturally also righter. But still not bad enough.
    • Daveism: Guild socialism is cool, pan-nationalism acceptable, but don't be so authoritarian and give space to other religions please. And get progressive.
    • Edwin.png Edwinism: Yeah, just calm down with the authoritarianism, ok? Still the best ML I know
    • Funkismicon.png Funkism: We both have a lot of agreements, but also some disagreements.
    • Duckf.png Individual Voluntaryism: I don't really like this whole libright thing but at least you aren't an AnCap.
    • Kirakween.png Kira Kween Thought: You're anarcho-communist and existential, yet progressive enviroinmentalist. And our ideologies allow us to ally with each other.
    • Novoscarlet.png Novoscarletism: Not the greatest, but alliable.
    • Moonlit.png Moonlitism: Another religious progressive! Your economics are a little rightist for me though.
    • Mebrouk.png Mebroukism: I love how many RelProgs we're getting. However, you could go a little more economically left...
    • MATTball.png Mattism You're preety cool, I am just critical of the NATO stuff (I'd call myself less pro-West and more pro-all people)
    • Organs Anarchism: Fellow pagan, yet anarchist. I like the ecology and mildly the markets though!
    • OwfBall.png Owfism: You're not too far away from me after all.
    • Panth.png Pantheonism: Dislike that you're a mildly-nationalist monarchist that's culturally variable. But otherwise you're cool.
    • UltraleftMonteirism-icon.png Ultraleft Monteirism: We both can work together in the revolution, you're just... a lot more radical for me.
    • Uzarashvilism.png Uzarashvilism: You want the same as I do, maybe more moderate but still!
    • World Federalism2.png Ozymandiasism: ...I like the world federation, but have you thought of unity in diversity?
    • Neosaj.png NeoSajism: Technocratic center-left, while not enough for me, is very, very cool!

    Ideologies between cringe and neutral

    • Ethwelball.png Ethnic Welfarism Ethwelball Alt.png: You have the right vision; horrible execution.
    • SJW.png SJW: I like your progressivism, but this kind of slacktivist thing you've got going on will not help anybody in liberation.

    Ideologies I hate

    • Zio.png Zionism: The fact that you have a state is not the issue, the fact that you see it as only yours and oppress nonjewish people is.
    • Black Islamism.png Black Supremacism: Esoteric fascism for blacks. Relies upon conspiracy theories to gain support. Messed up.
    • Conserv.png (Mainly American) Conservatism: Can you stop abusing religion for your gain?
    • Stalin.png Stalinism: You're the reason so many people hate socialism. Shame on you.
    • Cfash.png Clerical Fascism: Same as with Conservativism, except way worse because fascism.
    • Hoppef.png Hoppeanism: You're the living embodiment of all I want to destroy.
    • Afun.png Afunhumaninterism: You're worse than Systemism. Also a capitalist anarchist.
    • Casagonism2.png
      : Initially I thought this was the same as Xivanism. It isn't, but it doesn't matter, you're going in the same column for the same exact reasons.
    • CzechIdeal.png Czech Idealism: Listen here you littl- *cocks laser gun*
    • Quarkism.png Quarkism: Look, I love science as much as the next guy, but restricting everything else because of it? Instead of using the things to inspire science?
    • Systemism.png Systemism: Disagree, even though not that much as with the ideologies above.
    • Vermaatism2.png Vermaatism: Transhumanist fascism? No, thank you!
    • Xirlan-alt.png: What's up with the exotic-sounding names of the fascists? They make me confuse all of y'all. Anyways; You're propably one of the more moderate fascists out there, but still retaining many fascist tendencies. And if you read from top to bottom, then you might've noticed that I hate fascists.

    Bonus: The "all over the place" people

    Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism: On one side, a conspiracy theorist and someone who prefers Trump over centre-right politicians and would literally force a child to have a birth; At the time I'm writing this there was :

        "He believes that young girls who are raped by pedos should have their babies by carrying their pregnancy to term, give birth to their babies & keep their babies federally [...]"

    On the other side a fairly progressive person who recognizes the tyranny of the 2-party system. Overall, 3.5/10, could be better.

    Note: Put your ideology rating requests in Talk:Tomassciism please. Thank you!

    1. Vsauce: The Future of Reasoning, mainly influenced the localism

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