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    Not to be confused with Tolkienism.

    Tokenism (or Token Progressivism / TokProg) is a culturally left-wing, economically variable ideology whose only concern is maintaining public confidence in their ability to deliver progress, whilst in reality doing the as little as possible, delivering only token gestures and completely avoiding the biggest issues.

    Tokenism sees progressive and left-wing populist rhetoric as useful tools to snatch power for themselves. They will implement quotas, cite flattering statistics, and generally cook the books to make it look like they are doing a good job fighting against social issues, despite actually doing very little. They are pedantically politically correct, and cynically try to trip up their political opponents with a constantly changing, politically correct vocabulary.



    • Machiavellianism - You taught me to take political power however I can, and what better way to do it than by drip-feeding the masses token woke stuff.
    • SJW - You do most of my work for me.
    • Antifa - I would love to help with those riots, guys. I really would. But I'm currently drafting an order to have Joe Biden sent to jail for smelling people's hair, and I think we will all agree that is the bigger issue.
    • Left-Wing Populism - Yes, make them believe it's either me or the Nazis.
    • Third Way and Progressive Conservatism - Fellow fans of pragmatic progress.


    • Progressivism - Thanks for the left-wing rhetoric, but those big social issues look a bit much for me. I'll just stick to box-ticking.
    • Liberalism - Social... Justice? I like this term. Mind if I call all my low-effort ideas this?
    • Radical Centrism - So by using just a few left-wing policies in moderation, you even managed to get right-wingers to vote for you? Awesome.
    • Islamic Theocracy - If you agree to not mess up my token left ideas, I will completely overlook everything you do and call it part of your rich cultural traditions. Deal?
    • Traditionalism - Obviously I have to act like I hate you, but it's really easy to look progressive when you're around. So keep up the good work.


    • Progressive Conservatism - People are going to find out I'm a fraud if you keep scrutinizing my ideas!
    • Gender Accelerationism - NO! If gender identity ceases to be a societal issue, that's like 25% of my votes gone right there.
    • Right-Wing Populism - So you use my own tricks against me, but with traditional values instead? Very clever...

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