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    also known as
    [1] is an Nonquadrant.png non-Quadrant ideology with close similarities to Urb.pngUrbism. It believes that countries should come in the smallest size possible, seeking the maximum possible increase in city-states and microstates, ideally for a world in which every locality is it's own sovereign state.

    The size of Tinist states is generally guided by the principle of "If you can't walk to your government in under a day, your country shouldn't exist", more extreme forms of Tinism may also disregard this principle in favor of a even more localized system; generally however, tinists belief that the size of states should be strongly limited by the aforementioned principle, preferably being even smaller. For more information see #Types of Tinism.

    This division should create extreme Local.pngLocalism, making every city, village, area, or nation; which are now sovereign states, able to make decisions and general politics on a national level. Tinism thus also wants complete ideological freedom for every polity, if the people of a city-state decide they want a Soc.png socialist government, while a rural state might decide to adopt a Con-t.png conservative government, it must be accepted, it is the peoples' will after all.[2]
    This idea makes Tinism inherently Antiimp.png Anti-imperialist.


    The core ideals of
    go back to ancient times and have continuously been proven to work, prime examples of historical "Tinism" include the Cball-HRE.png Holy Roman Empire, the states of Northern Italy, the ancient city-states of Cball-Greece.png Greece and Mesopotamia, as well as almost every Tribal.png tribal and early Farm.png agricultural community. Current examples include, but are not limited to, the countries of Cball-Singapore.png Singapore, PLB-Liechtenstein.png Liechtenstein, and Cball-Andorra.png Andorra

    in it's modern form was created in late 2020 by Cball-Germany.png German Sep.png separatist JonahF2014 in his pursuit for a peaceful and divided world of freedom and his support for all separatist movements. Tinism was created independently from Urb.png Urbism, although seeming basically the same, Tinism is both way more fleshed out than regular Urbism and also ideologically neutral/ non-aligned (nonQuad), as opposed to Urbism which has primarily become a tool of Libertarian.png right Libertarians.

    The subreddit r/Tinism and the youtube channel Tinism YT are communities of Tinism which are both operated/ moderated by JonahF2014 himself and have been launched in late 2020 and early 2021 respectively.

    During March of 2021 the Cball-US.png american Transh.png transhumanist and Human.png humanitarian writer Hank Pellissier adopted the ideology into Geotin.png Geo-Tinyism, a fusion of Tinism (Tinyism) and Georgist.png Georgism. He founded the egalitarianplanet (formerly Geo-Tiny institute), a web-presence and blog with over 30 writers.

    In November of 2021 the article America Will Be Twelve Countries Very Soon was released by Jared A. Brock, a popular writer on Medium; His article sparked great interested but also critique in Tinism. Following the publishing of this article, Jared A. Brock offered an interview to JonahF2014, upon Jonah's acceptance of this request however he has yet to actually be invited onto the Mediastocracy flair.png "Surviving Tomorrow" podcast.

    The subreddit r/Tinism reached 100 members in late march of 2022.


    As explained above, Tinism believes in extreme and global separatism so as to create a world made up exclusively of mirco- and city-states.

    Types of Tinism

    Types of tinism.png

    Tinism can generally be divided into three types - Full Tinism, Normal Tinism, and what is basically just regular separatism. All but the last are valid types of Tinism and they may be intermixed; whiles most of the world may follow normal Tinism, some communities might decide that full/ extreme Tinism is better for them.

    1. Full Tinism or Extreme Tinism is the smallest possible execution of Tinism; here every state would be the size of a village, commune, city district, or a few buildings. The states should be below 100km² and have a population from 1 to at a maximum around 500 000 (ideally way lower). The guiding principle displayed here is "Every village independent". This model is very rural and agrarian in it's intention, presumably abolishing cities as they exist right now for a closer sense of community in which everyone is able to know each other and to allow for the easy and sensible practice of systems like Directdem.png direct democracy. The power and extent of the state apparatus would have to be greatly diminished however for this model to work as it is not possible to maintain a complex political system with such a low population; economic issues may also arise as almost every state must realistically either rely heavily on imports or take a great hit to the peoples' current standards of living due to only being able to produce a limited number and supply of local goods, while some other states with major industrial complexes may accumulate a lot of wealth from exports and taxing foreign workers, such an issue may be solved through a system of global Soc.png socialism. Another concern is genetic diversity which might lead to inbreeding within small populations wich maintain closed borders or limited immigration.
    2. Normal Tinism is the regular form of Tinism first conceptualized in 2019 and based off of the current microstates as well as the Cball-HRE.png Holy Roman Empire. It does not include a upper or lower population limit, although lower populations are naturally preferred due to Tinism's intentions to bring people closer together and possibly to enhance democracy; neither does normal Tinism have a direct physical size limit. All tinist states however, must adhere to the guiding principle of "If you can't walk to your government in under a day,[3] your country shouldn't exist.", this of course is in partly dependent on the country's infrastructure and the placement of the capital. The only country that adheres to this principle currently wich is neither a obvious microstate nor a island nation is Luxembourg, with Slovenia and Kosovo also being close; none of these states should be considered Tinist however, most obviously not those that exceed the limit.
    3. Just Separatism is the category which is in no way tinist, even if functioning under a global tinist order; as while all tinists should support all separatist movements, it is important to recognize that a independent Catalonia, Scotland, Ambazonia, or Texas, are still too large and most be broken up further in order to qualify as tinist. tinists hold such separatism naturally higher over the current order but, while an improvement, it is not the desired outcome.

    Difference to Urbism

    Tinism is most notable a independently created and more fleshed out version of Urb.png Urbism. The aspects of ideological freedom and neutrality as well as the establishment of regional unions are the main differentiating factors.

    1. Ideological Neutrality Urb.png Urbism is clearly affiliated with Libertarian.png right Libertarians and their ideas, only few to no leftists call themselves Urbists, and with good reason. A term that has been taken over by one group is no good for those that do not fit in said category; Tinism assumes a position ofNonquadrant.png absolute neutrality. Tinism is not inherently Libertarian.png libertarian or even Cap.png capitalist, it is completely neutral and opposition to this reality will be shut down. Every tinist has the right to combine their ideology with a tinist way of political organisation, however one must understand and recognize that this connection is not inherent and that there are people under the same term that may thing radically different.
    2. Ideological Freedom most iterations of Tinism would like all peoples to be able to decide for themselves and how they think they government should be run. The local population should decide all issues on their own, including the form of government and it's ideology, the local people decide what is best for them, not some global order to which all states must conform. Nazi.png Nazis should have the ability to have their nazi states, just how Soc.png socialists and Moder.png centrists should be able to have their states.
      No other entity may ever interfere with another polity's government, only the local people decide.
      This makes Tinism inherently Antiimp.png Anti-imperialist.
    3. Multinational Unions/ Confederations most of Tinism's iterations would strive for multinational unions comparable to today's Cball-EU.png European Union which may range from integration between anything from a loose military alliance to a legislative entity (like the modern EU). These unions may be established along ideological, interest, ethnic, linguistic, economic, religious, or any other lines. These unions could allow for things like a common market, a common currency, open borders, etc, again, like the current EU. States may even be part of multiple different unions at the same time, with different levels of integration and different focuses. It is important however that the states can leave at any time and for any reason, as well as that the unions may not integrate too much.
    4. Regulations on border drawing it is important to avoid en- and exclaves at all costs as they make administration harder and the people within them cannot be accurately represented by their government. En- and exclaves must either be given their own independence or should be integrated into a neighbor if this is a better alternative and the values match up. States should also be drawn along ethno-linguistic lines to prevent internal conflicts, oppression, and further strive for separatism. Native minorities must always be offered their own state. Peaceful coexistence can be archived, yet the option to leave shall always be open, especially when there is threat of a conflict.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Tinism
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Draw a thick line of white diagonally through the ball.
    3. Fill the space below the line with Tinic.png Tinic
    4. Fill the space above with light blue.
    5. Add the eyes.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Tinic #48A59C 72, 165, 156
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Light Blue #53B5E6 83, 181, 230


    Further Information



    • r/Tinism - A Community for Tinists and Urbists.


    1. Demonym: Tinist or Tinyist, Prefix: Tino-
    2. Depends on interpretation and individual person calling themselves a tinist; generally however Tinism takes a firm stance against imperialism and seeks peaceful co-existance of every government, a tinist can however still envision a world in which every polity follows the same system.
    3. 24 hours


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