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    Timodemocracy is an ideology that holds that a Minimum Property Requirement to vote would remove the poorest and the laziest from the electoral system, thus removing some Abuses of state power i.e. excessively increasing taxes and public services.

    The main difference between Timodemocracy and Timocracy is that the former supports social mobility and doesn't want to create an Aristocratic class completely separate from the others.


    This property requirement would ideally entail having owned an amount of businesses (Either as a sole or co-owner) or an amount of housing of a certain minimum value for an amount of years or owning a significant portion of voting stock in businesses: this comes from the idea that businesses and landlords pay the most amount of taxes, so only they should be able to decide how they are used (It follows that taxes on the lower classes will be eliminated in order to remove any leverage they have to request voting rights).




    • Feudalism & Elective Monarchism - Good idea to restrict voting rights in parliaments to those that own property, but you two have close to no social mobility.
    • Democracy - Good idea in general, it's just that universal suffrage shouldn't be a thing!
    • Reactionary Liberalism - I don't necessarily like Reactionaryism and some of your variants are quite authoritarian, but you have some social mobility at least.
    • Aristocracy - Uh-oh, totally not me!
    • Neocameralism - Tone down a bit
    • Market Socialism - You and your co-ops TECHNICALLY are in line with my system but COME ON, you are against the spirit of Timocracy!


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