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    Thoreauism is an ideology based off the writings and philosophy of American writer, naturalist and transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817 – May 6, 1862).

    Thoreauism advocates for a solidarity and simple living in natural surroundings and rejection of society and civil ties such as contracts and memberships.

    Thoreauism believes the world conspires to be good, and so it is against tyranny, slavery, violence, ect. but it also believes that people shouldn't completely abide to moral or civil code and instead make decisions based on what they find to be right.

    Thoreauism believes nationalism and patriotism is the greatest disease afflicting mankind because it confines men to the pride of their country of which they will serve and die for - rather than something of their own. Likewise with schooling, which men will spend much money and years studying topics that will never come to much use when all they could ever need to learn can come from living with nature.

    Thoreauism also advocates for environmentalism, for which men should only take the resources that they need and recognizes that the mass falling of trees and mass hunting of animals is a waste resulting from men completely detached from nature.

    Some of Thoreauism's moral viewpoints seem to derive from Christianity, but somewhat rejects it because its "just some old book", and also seems to share some aspects of Animist Theocracy.png Animism, but only with nature. Thoreauism could be called an extension of transcendentalism. Furthermore, Thoreauism also believes sex and masturbation are unnatural and bad, but the passing of the season is like a new forgiveness to the soul. As for the animist aspects, Thoreauism believes trees are just as worthy or more worthy to go to heaven than the man who cut it down, though this is not an exact or enforced belief, but more so just a philosophical view.


    Thoreauism is generally calm and very happy with his life. He lives secluded from society but sometimes enjoys company. The few times hes angry is when someone wants control or influence over him, such as a church he never attended who expects his membership tax or a businessmen man who wants to hire him thinking he was a business failure whose spent his days away from society in grief.

    Thoreauism will sometimes go on philosophical tangents, quoting phrases or paragraphs from Thoreau's works, and often writes them down in his journals. He may be writing several copies by hand for publication.

    Thoreauism defines friendship as a spontaneous affinity between two people. Further into the topic of friendship, Thoreauism believes a relationship in which one must compliment or appease the other is not a true friendship because they are not speaking honestly and instead feel the need to be superficial in order to stay on good terms with each other.
    As with romantic relations, Thoreauism believes it is impossible for a man to feel the the same way for another man as a man can feel for a woman, and if not, then it is extremely rare and of which there must have only been about two or so cases in the world, though some historians would accuse him of being gay.

    Thoreauism also sees sex as somewhat unnatural, even in nature, and is a celibate.

    Thoreausism also believes our sympathy is only meant for one person, because it would be sadder to see a tragedy fall upon an individual than, say, a ship full of Irish immigrants.




    • Neolud.png Neoluddism - Sending bombs to your enemies is inherently bad, but at least your doing it because you think its right.
    • Extvrt.png Extroversionism - Even I must socialize sometimes.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - What a waste of a life to travel across the seas in a merchant ship just to live richly when your finally almost dead. Yet again, if you want to sell baskets, and nobody buys them, then you better make something worth buying instead.


    • Sexocracy.png Sexocracy - Sex is unnatural, even in nature!
    • Patriotism.png Patriotism - You are the greatest disease plaguing mankind.
    • AnEn.png Anti-Environmentalism - You wasteful punk! You have absolutely no regards for nature!
    • Technocracy.png Technocracy - Anything you could possibly need to learn can be learned from living in nature.

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