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    Thomism is a catholic school of philosophy developed by the Catholic Dominican monk Saint Thomas Aquinas. Thomism is often credited for synthesizing the philosophy and metaphysics of PCB-Aristotle.png Aristotelianism with PCB-Catheo.png Catholic Theology and had significant influence over catholic philosophy and political thought throughout history.

    Philosophical Beliefs

    The Five Ways for Proving God's Existence

    One of the most known parts of Thomist thought is it's proofs of God's existence. Applying Aristotelian logic Thomism tries to argue that the existence of God can be proven using reasoning. The 5 Proofs are:

    1. Argument of unmoved mover - Since all things in the universe are in movement, there has to be some kind of first mover that introduced movement into the world.
    2. Argument of first cause - Since the universe exists and nothing comes from nothing, then there has to be some kind of eternal first cause that always was and could create everything else.
    3. Argument from contingency - Since it could be possible for the universe to never come into existence, there has to be some kind of reason why it does exist.
    4. Argument from degree - Since we can observe different degrees of love, goodness, truth, nobility, there must exist some kind of most purely perfect goodness that is the source of all goodness.
    5. Teleological argument - Since we can see that the world is very harmonious and ruled by non-chaotic laws, this means it must be a result of intelligent design.

    Goodness and The Problem of Evil

    Thomism tries to explain how is it possible for both omnipotent and benevolent God to exist alongside all the evil in the world. Thomism explains this by saying that evil itself does not exist, but rather is a name we give to the lack of goodness. Just like cold is merely a lack of heat rather than a separate phenomena so is evil. Goodness is just like heat in this case, and God is like a fire, being a most pure manifestation of goodness.

    Simple and Complex Entities

    Thomism beliefs that we can classify entities in existence to groups of simple and complex entities, as well as material and immaterial. What is material is changeable while immaterial things are eternal and unchanging. Entities that are called simple are those that exist by themselves and are not made of other entities, while complex entities are constructed from other entities and can be divided into them. According to Thomism God is an immaterial and simple entity because it is both unchanging and undividable.


    Thomism believes that entities in existence can be placed into a universal hierarchy of entities he calls Ordo.

    1. At the top of the hierarchy is God, that is the source of Ordo itself.
    2. Beneath God is the Heavenly sphere
    3. Beneath that exist Humanity
    4. Then other animals
    5. Plants
    6. At the bottom of the hierarchy is simple matter, consisting of classical elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air

    Political Beliefs

    PCB-Sec.png Laws of God and Men

    Thomism believes that there exist 4 types of laws in the world.

    1. Lex Aeterna - The eternal law is the universal law of existence known only to God that created it and uses it to rule the creation.
    2. Lex Naturalis - The Natural law is a universal law of nature that rules over everyone equally, those laws can be understood through reasonable deduction.
    3. Lex Humana - Human laws are laws created and enforced by human lawmakers. A good Lex Humana should never contradict Lex Naturalis.
    4. Lex Divina - God's law, is a religious and moral law that is given to mankind through the divine revelation.

    Social Structure

    1. PCB-AristocracyIcon.png Optimates - The Feudal lords and Clergy stand at the top of social hierarchy. According to Thomism the Optimates class should rule with wisdom, virtue and morality for the good of their subjects and in exchange they are able to enjoy the privilege of rulership.
    2. Capital.png Populus Honorabilis - Wealthy commoner class. According to Thomism, wealth by itself is nothing wrong and people have full right to use their god-given intellect to acquire it and be able to live comfortably as long as they still adhere to morality and Christian virtues like Generosity.
    3. AgrarianismIcon.png Vilis Populus - The part of the populace that does not possess great wealth or intellect. They form the majority of peasantry and worker classes.

    Ownership, Bona Superflua and Communitas Perfecta

    While Thomism believes that the institution of ownership is natural and ordained by God it does also stress out the importance of Generosity and the need for sharing. While the wealthy have the right to live comfortably in the wealth they acquired through intellect, they also have the duty of sharing that wealth with the less fortunate for the sake of social solidarity, that duty is called Bona Superflua. This system of sharing and social integralist solidarity is the foundation for creation of "Communitas Perfecta" - The Perfect Community, in which different social classes cooperate with each other for the common welfare of all people. This Thomist line of thought served as the foundation for the doctrines of Distributist.png Distributism, Integralismf.png Integralism and Corporatism.png Christian Corporatism, as well as influence on the Orlib.png Ordo-Liberal economy of CDem.png Christian Democracy.


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    • PCB-Catheo.png Catholic Church - The true Church of Christ.
    • PCB-Feud.png Feudalism - Natural ruler ordained by God to rule with wisdom and virtue.
    • PCB-Aristotle.png Aristotelianism - I owe you a lot of my beliefs.
    • DistributismIcon.png Distributism - I see that you strive for Communitas Perfecta.
    • PCB-Heart-Integralism.png Integralism - I like this idea of integral society.
    • PCB-Corptism.png Corporatism - Different social classes cooperating for the good of society, that's what I like to see.


    • Cdem.png Christian Democracy - I see that you strive for harmonious christian society but I don't get why you insist on democracy.
    • PCB-Orth.png The Greek Church - Brothers! Why must you divide our holy church?
    • PCB-Cfash.png Clerical Fascism - You claim to work in the name of Christ but you rule with fear and without virtues.


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