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    The Thneedville Model, or Thneed Model for short, is the dystopian government system of Thneedville as seen in Dr. Seuss' childrens' book, The Lorax, and later in its animated film adaptations of the same name released in 1972 and 2012. It is a near-Orwellian Plutocracy and Authoritarian Capitalism that is extremely Anti-Environmentalist.


    The downfall (and creation) of Thneedville, began when The Once-ler, an Anarcho-Capitalist [citation needed], started up his thneed business unsuccessfully at first, but quickly growing to great fame once people realized all the important uses of the thneed. In order distribute more thneeds, he had to bigger his company and bigger his factory and bigger his corporate size. He began to take on Anti-Environmentalist policies to improve business up unto the point where all the trees in Thneedville have been cleared, leading to environmental collapse, the downfall of his business, and furthermore, Thneedville.

    Thneedville likely had a depression for a while due to their largest industry collapsing, but was lifted once again by a Plutocrat named Aloysius O'Hare who figured out how to bottle and sell air. Under his rule, Thneedville became an Authoritarian Capitalist state with near-Orwellian tendencies, but no one seemed to mind much because living standards were great.

    Aloysius O'Hare met his end when a Radical Environmentalist named Ted (Kaczynski?) insighted an insurrection against him. After this ordeal, a tree seed gifted to Ted by a now-grieving Once-Ler was planted in Thneedville, and many more tree offspring were produced.


    Literally just the Once'ler from The Lorax 1972 Film.

    How to draw

    Normal Version

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Mark a V on it and color the two lower thirds black and the middle upper third yellow.
    3. Draw a tree in the middle section.
    4. Draw a red not-allowed sign over the tree.
    5. (Optional) Draw him wearing a thneed.

    You're done!



    • Anti-Environmentalism - Let it die!
    • Ingsoc - I have cameras monitoring everyone!
    • Plutocracy - I figured out a way to sell air and I became a ZILLIONAIR!
    • Industrialism - I'm biggering my factory, I'm biggering my company, I'm biggering my corporate size!



    • Environmentalism - Let it die, let it die, let it shivle up and die! Come on, who's with me?

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