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    Thirtyism is the ideology of the Corps of Thirty, an Eremite mercenary brigade that has been permanently hired by Sumeru Akademiyarchy. It is an authoritarian and mostly moderate ideology and one of the more calm and more level headed of the Eremite family.


    The Corps of Thirty is structured in a normal military style with a commander known as the Parchamdar who heads the Corps of Thirty. The Corps of Thirty is loyal to the Akademiya due to being permanently hired mercenaries by the Akademiya and protect the Akademiya and Sumeru. Thirtyism also works with individual citizens with Sumeru taking commissions and deals with Sumeru citizens and visitors if they give him a good deal.

    Relation with Other Eremites

    Thirtyism is often seen somewhat as the negotiator of the Eremites often seen settling differences with other Eremites. Thirtyism also believes that communication between the Eremites should be prevalent to settling differences so it often provides communication and coordination with other Eremites seeing them as one people.


    Thirtyism is the more level headed brother of the Eremite family who wants everyone in the Eremite family to get along though doesn't always work well. Some of the Eremite family sees him as a traitor for serving much of Sumeru Akademiyarchy's interests especially by Neo-Deshret Monarchism. Though Thirtyism acts more like a military now instead of a classical Eremite he still loves his past like all Eremites do and still serves people who paid and made a good deal with him, although most of his clients are now Sumeru citizens.



    • Eremitism - I am a proud Eremite myself.
    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - Always happy to work with you!
    • Stratocracy - Nowadays I often act like and rule myself as a military.
    • Mercenary System - However I still serve individual people who pay me, though now most of my clients are Sumeru citizens.
    • Police Statism - I'm mostly a police force for Sumeru and serve under the Matra.
    • Moderatism - Among Eremite tribes, I like to be neutral and settle the differences between the two.
    • Pacifism - I often like peace between the Eremites.
    • Constitutionalism - Because of the deal, I permanently hired by the Akademiya.
    • Interculturalism - We Eremites should all settle our differences with each other, we should also settle our differences with the Akademiya.
    • Hive-Mind Collectivism - I will follower whatever the Akasha tells me to do.


    • Akasha System - Wait, why am I considered lower than even the foreigners of Sumeru.
    • Nationalism - I often solve Eremite problems for free and see myself as an Eremite but I also like the Akademiya and the people of Sumeru. Also some of you are insane.
    • Kusanali Theocracy - They tend to commission me a lot but I had to take you down afterwards unfortunately, Akademiya orders, don't take it personally.
    • Deshret Monarchism - I wouldn't be here without you but you are a thing of a past so it's not worth residing in the ancient days. Plus your modern adherent calls me a traitor.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - I've been hearing bad stuff about you but I will happily help you if you give me a deal. Plus you hired me in the past.
    • Capitalism - Kinda like me but individual mercenaries like to conduct their own business instead of me heading them all.


    • Illegalism - I was hired to get rid of you.
    • Neo-Deshret Monarchism - My crazy cousin who thinks King Deshret has returned and calls me traitor for working for Sumeru.
    • Ultranationalism - You guys remind me of my crazy cousin.
    • Agorism - I shall close down your illegal shops!

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