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    Not to be confused with Third Way nor Third Campism.

    Third Positionism is an economic and philosophical ideology that rejects both Capitalism and Marxism. It critiques Capitalism for its consumerism and decadence, and the false meritocracy of money that it cultivates, while criticising Marxism for its materialist doctrine and class struggle. Third Positionism is a broad spectrum of ideologies, including forms of Fascism as well as non-Fascist ideologies such as Distributism. The term Third Position is vague, and can apply to any ideology opposed to Capitalism and Marxist socialism.

    Many Third Positionists, especially Fascists, position themselves as Socialists opposed to Marxist socialism. Some such as Distributists paint themselves as anti-socialist as a whole. Most Third Positionists support a form of class collaboration, but some may support class warfare, although for different justifications than Marxism.

    Third Positionism is usually an authoritarian, culturally far-right, ultranationalist, and economically variable ideology that was originally based on “ Terza Posizione”. Terza Posizione was a short lived Italian Neo-Fascist political party founded in Rome, 1979 and was disbanded in 1982. It believes that the variety of different ideologies which make up the Third Position weakens them all as a whole, and that in order for them to be successful they must unite into one.

    The term "Third Position" was coined after the end of World War II as a position opposed to both the Capitalists of the West and the Communists of the East.

    The Third Position includes, but is not limited, to:




    • Nazism - Bad for PR!
    • National Bolshevism - You're too close to him.
    • Anti-Capitalism - Capitalism is degenerate, but many of you are Marxist commies that complain about how capitalism is "muh inequality."
    • Anti-Communism - Communism is degenerate, but many of you are lolbertarians that complain about how communism is "muh big government."
    • National Capitalism - No, ((( capitalism))) is a tool of ((( them))).


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